A Galceran Marquet - A Galceran Marquet

A Galceran Marquet
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A Galceran Marquet
Author Francisco Daniel Molina , Damià Campeny , Josep Anicet Santigosa
Creation 1851
Location Plaza del Duque de Medinaceli , Distrito de Ciutat Vella , Barcelona ,Spanish flag Spain
Style Neoclassic
Material Cast iron on Montjuic stone base
Technique Sculpture
Dimensions 13.21 x 7.90 (total), 1.77 x 0.80 x 0.79 (figure), 11.44 x 7.90 (base)
Coordinates 41°22′42″N 2°10′44″E / 41.378328, 2.178963Coordenadas: 41°22′42″N 2°10′44″E / 41.378328, 2.178963

A Galceran Marquet is a sculptural monument located in the Plaza del Duque de Medinaceli in Barcelona , in the Ciutat Vella district . Created in 1851, it was the work of the architect Francisco Daniel Molina and the sculptor Damià Campeny , assisted in the decoration of the base by Josep Anicet Santigosa . This work is registered as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest (BCIL) in the Inventory of Catalan Cultural Heritage with the code 08019/529. [ 1 ]

History and description

Figure of the admiral.
Detail of the fountain.

This work was conceived as an ornamental fountain to decorate the newly urbanized Plaza del Duque de Medinaceli, next to the Paseo de Colón , in the port of Barcelona . Previously there was in this place a square called San Francisco, where there was a Franciscan convent that was destroyed by a fire in 1835. An artillery park was built on the grounds of the convent, whose building is the current Military Government of Barcelona . But a part was left free, and together with some land donated by Luis Joaquín Fernández de Córdoba y Benavides, XIV Duke of Medinaceli , the square was then expanded - which received the name of the benefactor -, a project that was carried out by the architect Francisco Daniel Molina. [2]

The works of the fountain began without having any specific dedication, although the proximity to the sea made it advisable to award it to some maritime theme. Thus, the sculptor Josep Anicet Santigosa began to make some of the figures that would decorate the base of the fountain, which were executed in bronze by the founder Valentí Esperó. Over the fountain an 18 meter high iron column was erected, which was the first use of this material for ornamental purposes in the city. [ 3 ] To finish off the column, a statue dedicated to a prominent person in the maritime history of the city was thought, for which various names were considered, such as Cristóbal Colón or Blasco de Garay . Finally they choseGalceran Marquet (1366-1410), a character not historically contrasted, who according to the historian Antonio de Bofarull had been the vice-admiral of the Catalan fleet that fought against the Genoese in 1331, under the command of Guillem de Cervelló . The statue was commissioned to Damià Campeny, an eighty-year-old sculptor, so there is doubt about its authorship, which some attribute to Santigosa himself, author of the lower decoration. The source was opened on June 29, 1851. [ 4 ]

The fountain is made up of a circular pool in the center of which is a parallelepipedic block with four angular spikes on which horns played by newts pour water . On this central block rises the column, decorated with reliefs of marine motifs, and which at a third of the height presents two arms in the shape of a ship that support two lampposts, as well as two shields of Barcelona in the center of both arms; the rest of the shaft of the column is decorated with leaves of aquatic plants. The capital of the column is Corinthian, decorated with sea horses, on which the statue stands, standing in warrior clothing and the cape of the city councilor, with the left hand resting on a sword and the right holding a rolled parchment. [ 5 ]

The work was restored in 1929 and 2007. [ 6 ]

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