A Gamer’s Day - A Gamer’s Day

Original title A Gamer’s Day
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2005
Long 39 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Daniel P. Schenk
script Daniel P. Schenk
production Alexander Roth
music Quantum Music
Camera Daniel P. Schenk
cut Daniel P. Schenk
  • Alexander Roth: the Gamer
  • Bärbel Schenk: Mother
  • Daniel P. Schenk: Wutang
  • Andrew Gregory Skate
  • Maya Schenk: girlfriend
  • Carolina Schenk: Sister
  • Christian Schenk: Father

A Gamer's Day is a German short film from 2005 . The film was penned by Daniel P. Schenk and was his debut film . It tells the day in the life of a fanatical Counterstrike player.


The day of the gamer (Alexander Roth) seems to start quite normally. Like most teenagers , he slept until noon. And the first glance into his living environment shows the typically untidy room of a teenager. It only becomes unusual when the gamer throws a disturbed look out of the window into the harmonious nature. Because he reacts to the lively sunshine by lowering the blinds and swapping the daylight for the artificial light of a table lamp.

From here on, the image of a fanatical computer gamer emerges throughout the entire film: He first strokes his computer as if it were a living being and gently moves over the keyboard and mouse. When the operating system is loaded, he chats with friends and surfs various Internet websites. A friend's reminder via the ICQ instant messenger that they still have to study and do homework is skilfully ignored by the gamer. Finally he sees the Steam logo on his desktop, says goodbye to his virtual friends and dives into the video game world Counterstrike. He plays very successfully until his mother bursts into the room and asks that the garbage be taken out.

From this point on, the viewer can observe how the gamer mixes reality piece by piece with the fictional world of the computer game. So he turns his annoying hip-hop friends Wutang and Skate into ICQ chat windows and simply "closes" them after they have bothered him long enough in reality. It becomes even more worrying when his playful success decreases after a system crash and frustration creeps into his fanaticism. His girlfriend, who accuses him on the phone of forgetting her anniversary, gets to feel his outbursts of anger live, even though these are actually only for the game. She hangs up in shock, but the gamer is only interested in the game. He yells his mother from the room after the third disturbance, and after particularly painful defeats in the game, he first destroys his keyboard and then his monitor. The film then culminates in the “Reality Run”, where the gamer sees himself as part of the game and walks through his house in a costume. He successfully fulfills his "mission" to bring out the garbage and save his sister from a bomb and at the end of the film he is as smart as before: Although he allegedly swears off PC games, he is immediately on fire his old game consoles.


A Gamer's Day was nominated on planet-videos.com for the Game Movie Awards 2005 in all five categories in the Other Videos category. In the categories Best Video [1] , Best Content [2] , Best Sound [3] and Best Innovation [4] , he was able to prevail against the competition. It took third place in the Best Cut / Effects category . [5]


Daniel P. Schenk actually only wanted to shoot this film with his friend Alexander Roth in order to apply to a film school. It was set up as a simple, small school project. The personal goal that they set themselves was 10,000 downloads.

But the success went far beyond that. The two were invited to the TV station GIGA to talk about their project and to present it [6] . This made the whole project even more successful: the film has been downloaded 72,000 times on own-age.com [7] or 36,000 times on planet-videos.com [8] . The film also has several thousand views on YouTube [9] .

This film has become a cult in the Counterstrike scene. And in schools, too, the film was used more and more for educational purposes, in order to discuss with schoolchildren or students what effect violent games like Counterstrike have on the human psyche.

The audience, which has nothing to do with such computer games, could not reach and entertain the film, so the film remained a film for e-athletes .

Remix Version

Since Schenk used music from various well-known artists for the original version of the film without having acquired the appropriate licenses, a remix version had to be created for publication and public performances. The film was shown publicly at the Games Convention 2005 and the computer game magazine BRAVO Screenfun also published the film in its December 2005 issue on the DVD included with the magazine. The small music artist group Quantum Music produced several pieces of music especially for the license-free version of the film and made them available for free. [10]They tried to keep the style of the original version. In addition to being shown at the Games Convention 2005, the film was included in the Olymptronica 2007 program. [11]

The film can also be seen on the video platform Prime Video . [12]

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