At the blow of the whip - A golpe de látigo

At the blow of the whip
Album of wildebeest
Publication 1979
Recording 1979
Genders) Hard rock
Duration 41:11
Record label Plate Discs
Producer (s) Vicente Romero
Timeline of Wildebeest
Tales of yesterday and today
At the blow of the whip Fire

A blow of the whip is Ñu's second album, released in 1979 by Chapa Discos .

It follows the line of the previous publication, maintaining that special Ñu style in which they mix Hard Rock with unusual instruments. This album includes one of the most important songs in Ñu's career, "El Flautista", which will never be lacking in any of his concerts.

As curious data, on the one hand, the guitarist Eduardo García managed to get José Carlos Molina to allow him to include one of his songs "The Arrival of the Gods", and on the other, that due to the lack of budget for the realization of the album cover , José Carlos Molina turned to the denim clothing brand Wrangler, which financed the album cover, in exchange for Molina wearing a sweatshirt with the name of said brand on the aforementioned cover.


Face A
  1. "Entrada al Reino" (J.C. Molina) 2:10
  2. "A blow of the whip" (JC Molina) 6:12
  3. "A la caza de Ñu" (J.C.Molina) 7:13
  4. "El flautista" (J.C.Molina) 4:40
Side B
  1. "La galería" (J.C.Molina) 2:44
  2. "Velocidad" (J.C.Molina) 4:32
  3. "The arrival of the gods" (Eduardo García) 6:25
  4. "El expreso" (J.C.Molina) 6:12


  • José Carlos Molina : voice, flute, piano, organ, mellotron, chromatic timpani, harmonica, tubular bells and whip.
  • Eduardo García: electric and acoustic guitars.
  • Jean François André: violin and viola da gamba.
  • Jorge Calvo: bass, melotrón and violin composition in 'La Galería'
  • Raúl Garrido: drums, percussion.


The song "The Pied Piper" was covered by the group Saurom .


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