A Hunting We Will Go (película de 1932) - A Hunting We Will Go (película de 1932)

A Hunting We Will Go (in Spanish , We will go hunting ) is a 1932 American animated short from the Talkartoons series. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures . [ 1 ] It shows Betty Boop , Koko the Clown and Bimbo .


Betty Boop is in her cabin in the woods singing while Bimbo and Koko go hunting. After deciding to split up, they will have fun hunting scenes. The return to Betty will not be the one expected by them.


A Hunting We Will Go is the thirtyninth in the series Talkartoons and was released on April 29, 1932. [ 2 ]

The title refers to a popular children's song entitled "A-Hunting We Will Go", which is why the short is also known by this name. The song that Betty interprets is entitled "Then I'll Be Happy" (1925). [ 3 ]


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