A. L. Bruns & Söhne - A. L. Bruns & Söhne

Invoice form dated 1915 with an engraving from the tobacco factory on Hildesheimer Strasse in Hanover-Wülfel ;
Printing: Carl Weddigen, Barmen

AL Bruns & Sons short even Bruns & Sons called, [1] was one of the most important tobacco - [2] and cigarettes - factories in Hannover . The last location of the company, which was founded in the 19th century and discontinued in the 1970s, was Hildesheimer Strasse in the Wülfel district of Hanover . [3]


Wrapping paper for chewing tobacco with the legally protected trademark "Tobacco with the Spider "; around 1910
Advertisement "Bruns cigars" on the gable wall in Berlin (Potsdamer Strasse).

The time of the Kingdom of Hanover in 1820 in the residential town founded Hannover [3] tobacco, cigars - and cigarette factory [2] recorded the Hannoversche address book for the 1821 first as Bruns and Meyer, tobacco factory at the address Market Street 488 . [4] Of these manufacturers, August Ludwig Bruns was the namesake of the company later also called AL Bruns . [5]

In the early days of the German Empire , AL Bruns & Sons registered their tobacco packaging under number 12 for trademark protection at the now ( royal Prussian ) district court of Hanover on May 20, 1875 . [6]

In 1890 the company AL Bruns & Sons moved its location to the then still independent village of Wülfel, where the company moved into various new buildings. [3]

The company's trademark , "Tobacco with the Spider", was emblazoned on the street front on Hildesheimer Strasse and showed a spider in its self-made web. [3]

A temporary partner in the tobacco factory was Albert Winkelhoff, father of the later junior boss and authorized signatory Werner Winkelhoff (born August 9, 1895 in Hanover), who married the actress and dancer Jutta Ilse Zambona (born August 28, 1901 in Hildesheim) in 1920 . The marriage only lasted until the divorce in 1924; Zambona then married the writer Erich Maria Remarque, who worked for the rubber goods manufacturer Continental AG in Hanover as an editor for the magazine Echo Continental . [7]

On December 16, 1976, the last as e. K. in the commercial register at the Hanover District Court under the number HRA 15275 deleted. [8] Soon after operations ceased, the factory buildings were demolished. As a result, a free religious denomination set up on the former company premises; [3] The Mormons built a meetinghouse for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here . [9]


  • Albert Winkelhoff: Commemorative publication for the 100th anniversary of the AL Bruns & Sons company in Hanover-Wülfel. July 1820–1920 , König & Ebhardt, Hanover 1920 [10]

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