On the street - A la calle

On the street
Kortatu - A la calle.jpg
EP by Kortatu
Publication 1986
Recording Estudios Elkar, Lasarte (Side A)
Estudios Tsunami, San Sebastián (Side B)
Genders) rock, reggae, dub
Duration 13:52
Record label Dream
Producer (s) Kortatu and Marino Goñi
Kortatu chronology
( 1985 )
On the street The State of Things

A la calle is the title of a maxi single released in 1986 by the Basque musical group Kortatu .

The maxi single was released in early 1986, the year in which the LP El Estado De Las Cosas was also released . The maxi was made up of three songs: "There is something here that is wrong" (one version in key reggae version of Stiff Little Fingers on the theme "Doesn't make it allright" of the group of ska The Specials ), "A Street "(A rock song of his own) and" Desmond dub ", a dub of" Desmond Tutu "(a song from his first LP ). "Desmond dub" was the first dub to be made in Spain . [ 1 ]

The first two songs were recorded at Elkar studios by Jean Phocas (member of the reggae group Potato ), while for "Desmond dub" they simply remixed the material they had already recorded at Tsunami studios with the help of Carolo . The maxi was produced by the group itself and Marino Goñi, who had already collaborated with them as a sound technician on their first LP.

In 1998 the record company Oihuka (heiress of Soñua ) released the three songs for the first time on CD by including them as bonus tracks in the CD reissue of El Estado De Las Cosas .

Songs list

Face A

  1. "There is something wrong here"
  2. "On the street"

Side B

  1. «Desmond dub»

"Desmond dub" and "A la calle" composed by Fermin and Iñigo Muguruza. "There is something wrong here" is a version of "Doesn´t make it allright" by The Specials that faithfully adapts (except for the lyrics) the version that the North Irishmen Stiff Little Fingers made of the song on their LP Nobody's heroes ( 1980 ).


Additional musicians

  • Jesús Soldevilla: percussion in «Desmond dub».

Technical staff

  • Jean Phocas: sound and mixing technician on "There is something wrong here" and "On the street."
  • Josean López: sound and mixing technician on «Desmond dub».
  • Carolo: remix of "Desmond dub".
  • Marino Goñi: producer .
  • Txabi Oneka: design.
  • Karlos Korbella: Cover photo.
  • Dieguillo: boot design on the back cover.

Notes and references

  1. FM Hop: Basque music: Kortatu , in the special dossier on Basque music , published by La Factoría del Ritmo , March-July 1996.