Hunting for treasure - A la caza del tesoro

A treasure hunt was a television contest, broadcast by TVE in 1984 , directed by León Urzáiz.


A couple of contestants (male and female) go to the set of the program, where they are received by the presenter Isabel Tenaille . From there they are assigned a mission: Find three treasures in less than 45 minutes in a territory. However, for this they will not move from the set, but must give instructions to the reporter Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo on a permanent helicopter trip, and through the successive clues that they discover.

The show is a version of a French television quiz called La Chasse aux trésors .

The locations included Sri Lanka , Morocco or Latin America .



Hunting for treasure
Date Place Contestants Found treasures
January 8, 1984 Provincia Central, Sri Lanka Ana and Jerónimo From
January 15, 1984 Brittany , France Alejandro and Carmen From
January 22, 1984 Sydney, Australia Asuncion and Juan Ignacio three
January 29, 1984 Bosnia, Yugoslavia Fernando and Maria Jesus From
February 5, 1984 North Gyeongsang , South Korea Carmen and Enrique three
February 12, 1984 Hong Kong Antonio and Maribel From
February 19, 1984 Kangaroo Island , Australia Juan Luis and Laura From
February 26, 1984 Fez-Meknes region , Morocco Antonio and Elena three
March 4, 1984 Sicily , Italy Ana and Pedro From
March 11, 1984 Cartagena de Indias , Colombia Antonio and Marie Antoinette From
March 18, 1984 Granada, Spain Angeles and Juan Ignacio three
March 25, 1984 Las Vegas , United States Juan Francisco and Marina From
April 1, 1984 Havana , cuba Angel and Celsa From
April 8, 1984 Moyen-Ogooué , Gabon Joseph and Mary Jesus From
April 15, 1984 Cadiz , Spain Antonio and Marisa three
April 22, 1984 Malta Carlos and Silvia From
May 6, 1984 Congo Central, Zaire Montserrat and Óscar three
May 13, 1984 Hautes Pyrenees , France Bartolomé and Remedios From

Sound band

The headline of the program was composed by the musical duo of techno-pop Azul y Negro , with the theme "Fu Man Chu".


TVE had been advertising the program under the title of In Search of Treasure , although a few days before they had to modify it because the contract with the original French production company required it.