To the right hand of heaven - A la diestra del cielo

To the right of the sky is a documentary feature film of approximately ninety minutes, with a script and direction by Francisco Bech, which deals with the life of the Sevillian rock musician Silvio . [ 1 ] It has the participation of Luz Casal , Alberto García-Alix , Ricardo Pachón , Gonzalo García-Pelayo , El Sevilla de Mojinos Escozios , Rockberto , Andrés Herrera el Pájaro [ 2 ] and the former cardinal of Seville, Carlos Amigo Vallejo .


This documentary film was premiered at the Seville International Film Festival in the 2007 edition, at its headquarters at the Lope de Vega Theater and in a joint session with Dame Veneno , a 60-minute documentary about the career of the groups Veneno and Pata Negra . This led to the premiere attended by many historical rock musicians in Andalusia such as Gualberto , Antonio Smash, Kiko Veneno , Raimundo and Rafael Amador or Andrés Herrera e l Pájaro among many others, as well as the then mayor of the cityAlfredo Sánchez Monteseirín .

To the right of the sky has been screened at other festivals such as the IN-Edit in Barcelona or the Ibero-American Film Festival in Huelva , as well as on numerous occasions on Canal Sur Televisión .

To the right hand of the sky tells the unique life of this singer who died in 2001. [ 3 ] Silvio was a very popular character in Seville and his life gave rise to many urban myths and legends in this city, his biography also hid many gaps . In At the right hand of the sky Silvio's life is completely reconstructed and these unknown parts of it are discovered, as well as many of the urban legends that haunted Silvio, such as the story of his brief marriage to a millionaire English aristocrat and the whereabouts of her son, Sam Taylor. In the right hand of heaven too much unreleased material offered in images of performances and interviews Silvio.


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