A happiness by electronics - A la felicidad por la electrónica

"A happiness by electronics"
Single by Fangoria
from the album An ordinary day in Vulcano SEP 3.0
  • Single CD
  • 12" Maxi-sencillo
Recording 1995
Duration 4:55
Record label Running Circle
Producer (s) Big Toxic
" God hates cowards "
( 1995 )
"To happiness through electronics"
( 1996 )
" The killer tongue "
( 1996 )
Fangoria chronology
Any given day on Vulcano SEP 3.0
'' ' To happiness through electronics' ''
( 1996 )
Sounds for an Exhibition

To happiness for electronics ” is the second single from the third EP Un día en Vulcano SEP 3.0 and Fangoria's first remix EP released in 1996. The quote chosen for the EP was: “ The truth is out there. »Phrase that always appears in the take or scene of introduction of each one of the chapters in the television series X Files .

General information

The album is released in two formats, both with the same songs but with different covers. The cover of the 12-inch maxi single is black with the silhouette of a man in the background and the title of the EP in the center. The cover of the yellow single with two black bands on the sides and in the center a photograph of Alaska levitating, and above the middle of Nacho Canut's head . The EP is a remix album containing two versions of "God hates cowards", one of "Sentimental" and the other of "To happiness for electronics."

The slogan "To happiness through electronics" is pronounced in the film That Happy Couple ( Luis García Berlanga , 1951), moment 14:01.

Setlist [ 1 ]

N.º Title Duration
1. "God hates cowards (Radio Edit)" 4:18
2. "God Hates Cowards (Vanguard UHF Remix)" 5:58
3. «To happiness for electronics (Prozac Remix)» 7:47
4. «Sentimental (Testimental Remix)» 5:07

Song No. 4 is an original song by the group Family.


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