A things by their name - A las cosas por su nombre

A things by their name
Habeas Corpus Album
Publication 2000
Recording Box studios
Genders) Rapcore
Hardcore punk
Record label Disobedience
Zero Records
Producer (s) Eugenio Muñoz
Habeas Corpus Chronology
N.N. A things by their name Another twist

To things by its name is the name of the third album of the group Habeas Corpus , released in 2000 and recorded at BOX Studios .


  1. Enough Already
  2. "More and more Hate"
  3. "A things by their name"
  4. «That which they call Peace»
  5. "God wants it"
  6. "From peer to peer"
  7. "Born to be of a savage"
  8. "The street is full of gunmen"
  9. «To have or not to be»
  10. "Above the human and the divine"
  11. "Death to death"
  12. «Platinum Alternative»
  13. "By my side MZB"


  • MARS: vehicle.
  • Nano: guitar .
  • Mr. Chifly: guitar and backing vocals.
  • Adrián: bass and backing vocals.
  • A. Rebate: battery .

Additional musicians

  • Sorkun : voice in "Above the Human and the Divine."
  • Fernando Sapo : voice in «God wants it».
  • Laura and Bárbara (from BKC ): voice and backing vocals in «Born to be from a savage».
  • Óscar: only on guitar in «Born to be from a savage».
  • SHO-HAI : voice in << Things by name >>

Technical staff