At six on the corner of the boulevard - A las seis en la esquina del bulevar

At six o'clock on the corner of the boulevard is a play by Enrique Jardiel Poncela , premiered on July 16 , 1943 at the Cinema Alcázar in Cartagena .


By chance and fatally, Cecilia , Rodrigo's wife, and Casilda , Rodrigo's lover meet at his house. After a conversation, the wife ends up thinking that the relationship has already ended and she aligns herself with the lover to measure the degree of fidelity of the gentleman. They trick him, making him believe that the next day he could see a young lady. Rodrigo does not attend the appointment but, unlike the conclusion of the wife who thinks that he did not come out of disinterest, the truth is that he did not do so because he had not received the letter in which he was informed of the possible meeting.

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