At three - A las tres

At 3 o'clock is an informative space that is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the television channel, Foro TV , [ 1 ] which is owned by Grupo Televisa . [ 2 ]

Originally this newscast was hosted by journalist Lourdes Ramos . In 2005 this informative space changed its headline and design, giving way to the entry of the journalist Paola Rojas , current head of the program. [ 2 ] And after the different changes, in 2016, Ana Paula Ordorica became the owner of the information space.

This program presents information on current events in Mexico and in other countries. It has several sections such as shows, health, and sports. It is one of the few news programs in Mexico that is entirely conducted and produced by women. The production is in charge of Ana María Guadarrama.


The head of this section was Ricardo Escobar, a journalist for Televisa Espectáculos. In 2005 he was succeeded by Mauricio Clark, who held this position until December 19, 2008 (he left this space because of his leadership in the NXclusiva program). He is recognized for his candor and good humor when presenting information. Ricardo Escobar returns to lead the section of an approximate duration of 5 min and is always presented in the final part of the Newscast


This section of "A las tres" is presented by Guillermo Schutz , a fast growing sports journalist who is seen as one of the young talents of Televisa Deportes. He alternates in his driving with Daniel Renteria; who, due to coverage of special events, remains in place.

Usually this section lasts less than 5 min and is presented in the second half of the program.

The doctor says

Health section, led by Mayan Ireland, journalist specialized in medical issues. addresses various health topics based on scientific information and allopathic medicine; presents the most recognized medical specialists and researchers in Mexico, as well as the latest and most relevant in health. It airs once a week on Thursdays.

Hollywood, race and several more

This section of the program is presented by film critic Patrick Olivier. In it, it gives a quick review of the relevant facts of the seventh art and presents reviews of films to be released, as well as recommendations for the weekend.

Out of place

This section is presented on Fridays in the second half of the Program and shows the funny and misplaced actions , as well as the slips that happened throughout the week. This section is narrated by the head of the newscast Paola Rojas .

The last minute of the broadcast is presented the informative summary, with the most relevant of the information presented in the newscast. [ 1 ]

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