A Line in the Sand - A Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand
Linkin Park
publication 14. June 2014
Long 6:35
Genre(s) Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal
Author (in) Linkin Park
Album The Hunting Party

A Line in the Sand is a song by the American rock band Linkin Park . It's the last song on The Hunting Party album .

Background and composition

A Line in the Sand was written by Linkin Park himself and produced by Mike Shinoda . It was recorded in March 2014. The band originally created the intro for the album A Thousand Suns , but there was no place for it there and was put aside until the band could use it for the new album.

Stylistically, A Line in the Sand takes up the Nu-Metal elements of the first two albums. It starts with an intro very reminiscent of A Thousand Suns , and then continues with a drum part that turns into a heavy nu-metal song that climaxes with a guitar solo.