To the four winds (Guernica) - A los cuatro vientos (Guernica)

To the Four Winds is a novel by director Dave Boling .

The plot is located in the town of Guernica focusing on the tragic event of the bombing that occurred on April 26 , 1937 .

It deals with the history of the Ansótegui family. The Pascual and Ángeles family lead. The woman dies suddenly and the husband has to carry his 3 children: Justo, Josepe and Xabier. Pascual does not recover from the death of his wife and months later he dies leaving his three children orphans. Justo is the older brother and takes care of the rest.

The story is divided into 2 distinct parts, before and after the bombing:

1) As is tradition, Justo, being the oldest, stays with the farmhouse while Josepe and Xabier have to leave when they become of age. Justo is considered the strongest boy in the place although quite ugly. Even so, he meets M.ª Angeles and they have a daughter named Miren. He really likes Basque dance . Her best friend is Alaia, blind from birth, who during her childhood lives in a convent.

Josepe is dedicated to fishing and after a journey seeing the world he settles in the coastal town of Lequeitio . There he meets the brothers Dodo and Miguel. Dodo, despite his age, is quite reluctant to the political situation and after a fight with a civil guard he has to emigrate to France. Miguel gets seasick on his fishing boat, the Egun On and that is why he goes to live in Guernica where he will work as a carpenter. Then he meets Miren, daughter of Justo. They get married and have a girl named Catalina.

Xabier becomes a priest and they place him in the Basilica of Begoña ( Bilbao ) where he has a well-known parishioner, the president of Euskadi José María Aguirre . That is why he is informed of the political situation in times of the Second Spanish Republic .

All the characters are very happy.

2) The tension in Basque politics deepens. Bilbao is a fort. When Aguirre communicates to Xabier the possible bombing of Guernica, he addresses the Biscayan population to warn all his parishioners of this fact. The population is a bit skeptical, but the day comes when the German Condor Legion bombards the entire town. Then part of our protagonists die in the bombing.

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