A Los Shakers (album) - A Los Shakers (álbum)

A Los Shakers is an album recorded by the members of Opa , under the name Otroshakers, in Argentina, in 1981.

A Los Shakers
by Otroshakers
Publication 1981
Recording 1981
Genders) Jazz, rock, candombe
Record label Sazam Records
Producer (s) Oscar Lopez
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The Fattoruso brothers had been in the United States for ten years, Opa had already disarmed, when a proposal arose to play in Buenos Aires as the opening act for Milton Nascimento and to record an album in the studio. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Ruben Rada was in Argentina and had recently lived his experience with La Banda .

Producer Oscar López of Sazam Records asked them to record something like Los Shakers . [ 3 ] But the Fattoruso brothers demystified Los Shakers for having imitated music from another country for commercial purposes. [ 1 ] [ 4 ] However, love for The Beatles still intact: in the song "Goodbye for a while" is a tribute to the Beatles. And they also included a version of "Siempre tú", a song that was part of the third album by Los Shakers The Secret Conference at Toto's Bar .

Hugo Fattoruso named the group Otroshakers because they weren't the same Shakers, Roberto Capobianco and Carlos Vila were missing. [ 3 ]

Ruben Rada had performed with The Shakers in the beginning, but did not remain in the group because it was out of tune with the Beatle image . [ 5 ] And Ringo Thielmann was going to be the other guitarist for Los Shakers, besides Hugo , but he never went to rehearsals. [ 6 ]

"Brother Rada" is a new version of a song that the members of Opa had recorded in 1975, before the arrival of Rada. [ 7 ] But the original version was only released in 1996 on the Back Home CD . Another theme that stands out is "La marañaza", which opens the album. [ 2 ]

A Los Shakers is considered an Opa album, and has received rave reviews [ 2 ] - for Litto Nebbia it is one of the best albums of the decade-, [ 8 ] but it has never been released on CD or reissued. on vinyl. [1]

Songs list

Side 1

1. The tangle (Song) (Hugo A. Fattoruso, Jorge O. Fattoruso)

2. Correr más (Song) (Marcos Szpiro) Song recorded by the Uruguayan group Almango on their 1981 self-titled album. [2]

3. Four Five (Rock) (Hugo A. Fattoruso, Jorge O. Fattoruso)

4. Love You (Fogón music) (Rock) (Hugo A. Fattoruso, Jorge O. Fattoruso)

5. Goodbye for a while (Song) (Rubén Rada, Jorge O. Fattoruso)

6. What do the newspapers say today? (What's in the News Today?) (Connors, Capitanelli) Version of a little known song recorded in 1970 by Joey Cannon [3]

Side 2

1. Brother Rada (Candombe) (Hugo A. Fattoruso, Jorge O. Fattoruso)

2. Always you (Song) (Hugo and Osvaldo)

3. A Los Shakers (Hugo A. Fattoruso)

4. In this case (Song) (Rubén Rada)

5. Siete cielos (Rock) (Hugo A. Fattoruso, Jorge O. Fattoruso)



Hugo Fattoruso

Osvaldo Fattoruso

Ringo Thielmann

Ruben Rada

Carol Moore

Mary of Fatima

El Chino Matías

Fattoruso Plum

Music producer: Hugo Fattoruso

Executive Producer: Oscar López for Sazam Records

Recording Engineer: Roberto Fernández Khoury

Assistant: Daniel Medina

Recorded at Ion Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photos: Guy and Sergio Troize, and Opa Files

Illustration: Carlos Mayo

Graphic design: Estudio Grafix


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