Clean hand - A mano limpia

A clean hand is a Colombian telenovelaproduced by Cenpro Televisión for RCN Televisión . It stars Claudio Cataño and Valentina Acosta and with the antagonistic participation of Andrés Juan , Fernando Arévalo and Manuel Sarmiento .

The telenovela originally aired in Colombia with its first season on November 22, 2010 and concluded its second season on July 10, 2013.


Manuel Guerra, known as 'El león', returns to his neighborhood after serving five years in prison for murdering a person in a clandestine fight and leaves with the firm intention of rebuilding his life and making sure that his younger brother, Vicente, don't end up like him. However, upon returning to his neighborhood, his brother has already plunged into the same fights and becomes the right hand of the Viking, the exploiter who recruited him years ago.

Manuel, in his eagerness to lead Vicente on the right path, is unable to control things and only generates confrontations and anguish around him. Fortunately, he meets Silvia Pizarro, a psychology student at a prestigious university, who against her will and together with her friend Luisa has been sent to do her internship at the school where Vicente is studying. She, unknowingly, becomes the possibility of joining forces in a common task: keeping the boys away from violence, taking them off the streets and helping them find a better future.

Although the first encounter leads Silvia to believe that Manuel is a dangerous guy and responsible for the boys getting into clandestine fights, she soon realizes her mistake and that they are united by the same goal. For her this is the beginning of a long road that will lead her to meet her true vocation, a change that will confront her with her family, her boyfriend Juan Antonio, and especially Manuel's volatile temperament and stigma as an ex-convict. who lives the rejection of their neighbors.

Against all predictions and using an old abandoned house, Manuel and Silvia create the gym "A Mano Limpia", which manages to bring the boys together to practice legal boxing and, incidentally, becomes the meeting place to which the young people take all your problems and concerns.


  • The series had two seasons; However, Claudio Cataño was originally expected to continue for the second part, but the negotiation failed, [ 1 ] and therefore the character dies at the end of the first season and the second season with a new protagonist, who is Rubén (played by Mario Duarte); but three years later, in a retransmission of the series by RCN Televisión , on February 9, 2016, the original ending of the first season was released; in which Manuel survives the fire. [ 2 ]


Main characters

Actor Character Observation
Claudio Cataño Manuel "The Lion" War Protagonist T1.
Valentina acosta Silvia Alejandra Pizarro Nieto Psychologist.
Mario duarte Ruben Dagoberto Montero Protagonist T2 . Amanda's father and ex-guerrilla
Variel Sanchez Vicente Guerra Brother of Manuel and Margarita
Sebastian Vega Carlos Mauricio "El Baby" Arenas Perez Vicente's best friend
Julieth Restrepo Luisa Fernanda Marquez Silvia's best friend
Andres Juan Juan Antonio Berger T1 antagonist . In the second season he only appeared in the first episodes.
Fernando Arevalo Alvaro Araque Antagonist. Belisario's father and former neighborhood grocer
Manuel Sarmiento Milton "Viking" Waiter (†) T1 antagonist. Killed at the beginning of Season Two
Zulma Rey Jennifer Patricia Guiza El Baby's girlfriend

Secondary characters

Alphabetical order

Actor Character Observation Season
Alejandra Miranda Doña Carmela Asturias de Guerra Mother of Manuel, Vicente and Margarita 1 - 2
Alvaro Bayona Pedro "Lennon" Duran Tania's father 1 - 2
Ana Maria Aguilera Lina Arboleda Vicente's Ex Girlfriend 1
Ana Maria Kamper Lorenza Estela Nieto Widow of Pizarro Silvia's mother 1 - 2
Ana Maria Sanchez Esperanza Perez de Arenas Mother of El Baby 1 - 2
Argemiro Castiblanco Don Alirio Ramírez Mario's Dad 1 - 2
Carlos Congote Don Jacobo Former Socio of Americo 2
Carlos Hurtado Commander Jose Guerrilla chief of Tania and Chucho 2
Carlos Vergara Enrique "Kike" Otero El Baby's Coach 2
Daniel Calderon Marcos "Hard Drive" Angela's friend 1
Diego Peláez Belisario "El Grillo" Araque Durán Son of Don Álvaro 1 - 2
Diego Velez Councilor Eliceo Rubiano Politician and accomplice of Americo 1 - 2
Elkin Diaz Pastor Eugenio Jiménez Angela's father 1 - 2
Stephanie Godoy Martina "Estrella" Figueroa Belisario's girlfriend 2
Stephanie Piñeres Sandra 1 - 2
Felipe Calero Jesus "Chucho" Hurtado Correctional Social Worker and Tania's Boyfriend. Guerrilla killed at the end of season 2. 2
Felipe Estupiñán Richard Giraldo El Baby's friend and Amanda's ex-boyfriend 1 - 2
Gloria Gomez Mrs. Lucy Guiza Jennifer's grandmother 1 - 2
Herbert King(†) Americo Bermúdez Sporty businessman 2
Ines Prieto Doña Marina de Monsalve Dueña del Inquilinato 1 - 2
Isabel Chacon Maria Cristina Jennifer's best friend 1 - 2
Jairo Camargo Argemiro Arenas El Baby's Dad 1
Javier Botero Wilmer Giraldo Ana Lucía's brother 1
Juan Alejandro Gaviria Nicolás "The Mico" Fritzenwalden Hitman 2
Juan Pablo Barragan Mario Ramirez Friend of El Baby 1 - 2
Julio Cesar Herrera Don Tony Director of Models Agency 1
Juvenal Camacho Eliseo sanchez Fascist friend of "The cricket" 1
Kepa amuchastegui Arturo Pizarro (†) Silvia's dad 1
Kiko Rubiano William "El Cuñi" Calderón Accomplice of The Viking 1 - 2 (Principle)
Luis Fernando Salas Victor Mauricio Varela Martina's Pimp 2
Sunlight Neisa Angela Jimenez Vicente's girlfriend and Pastor's daughter 1 - 2
Road Light Doña Diana Wilson's Mom 1
Maria Fernanda Martinez Mrs. Teresa Richard's Mom 1 - 2
Mauricio Figueroa Camilo Ezequiel Cuervo Contreras Reinsertados Agency Director 2
Melissa Bermúdez Margaret War Sister of Vicente and Manuel 1 - 2
Monica Chavez Tania Duran Araque Belisarius Cousin 1 - 2
Natalia Reyes Ana Lucia Giraldo Tania's best friend 1
Nelson Camayo Elkin Bogota Neighborhood Lawyer and Former Employee of Don Álvaro 1 - 2
Nicolas Rincon Rodolfo Diana's brother. 1
Orlando Lamboglia Fabio Velasquez Friend and lawyer of Juan Antonio 1 - 2 (Principle)
Orlando valenzuela Fernando Anzola Luisa's Boyfriend (Season 1) Luisa's Ex Boyfriend (Season 2) 1 - 2
Omar murillo Marlon porras Sports coach 1
Patricia Tamayo Aura María "Mona" Araque de Durán Tania's mother 1 - 2
Pedro Roda Abelardo Cano Correctional Director 2
Rosemary Bohorquez Monica Giza Jennifer's mother 1 - 2
Sandra Monica Cubillos Mrs. Cecilia Viviana's mother and Rodrigo's wife 1 - 2
Santiago Bejarano Nicholas Juan Antonio's boss 1
Santiago Soto Jorge Silvia's boss 2
Sebastian Eslava Marcelo Lina's friend 1
Silvia of God Lucrecia Arciniegas Lina's mom 1
Susana rojas Beatriz Valencia Americo Secretariat 2
Viviana Pulido Amanda Montero Daughter of Ruben and Best friend of Margarita 2
Ximena Rodriguez Viviana Jennifer's best friend 1 - 2

Special guests

Character Occupation Temp
Miguel "Happy Lora"[3] Retired boxer 2


Season Original transmission
First broadcast Last broadcast
1 137 November 22, 2010 August 30, 2011
2 96 December 10, 2012 July 10,2013

Awards and nominations

Awards and ceremony date Category Nominee (s) Outcome
TVyNovelas Awards (Colombia)
( XX edition )
Best soap opera Nominated
Best Leading Actress in a Telenovela Valentina acosta Nominated
Best Leading Actor in a Telenovela Claudio Cataño Nominated
Best Opposing Actor in a Telenovela Andres Juan Nominated
Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela Julieth Restrepo Winner
Best Revelation Sebastian Vega Nominated
India Catherine Awards
( XXVIII edition )
Best series Nominated
Best Leading Actress in a Series Valentina acosta Nominated
Best Opposing Actor in a Telenovela or Series Andres Juan Nominated
Best Supporting Actress in a Series Sebastian Vega Nominated
Variel Sanchez Nominated
Best New Actress / Actor in a Telenovela or Series Zulma Rey Nominated
Best Series Director Luis Orjuela, Rocío Cruz, Mónica Cifuentes Nominees
Best Original Series Story and Script Diego Vivanco, Andrés Guevara, Julio Contreras Nominees
Best Series Soundtrack Constantino Núñez (vocalist of Cinemacinco ) Nominated
Best Series Edition Marcela vasquez Nominated
Best Series Art Andres Vargas Nominated
Best Telenovela or Series Photography Alirio Farfán Nominated


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