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Coat of arms of the a Marca family

a Marca is a Swiss patrician family and principal family of the III leagues [1] . She comes from Mesocco in Misox in the canton of Graubünden .


The family is first mentioned in a document in 1365 with Horichus dictus Marcha. In 1395 Henrichus dictus Marcha was named as a judge in a verdict [2] and in the first half of the 15th century Nicola Marcha († before 1450) emerged as an imperial notary.

Carlo a Marca (1583–1640), captain in the service of Venice and France; Mesocco Ministries; married to Anna a Planta, sister of Tommaso a Planta .

In an unbroken line for the centuries that followed, representatives of the family served as governors and ministers of the Misox. After joining the Gray Confederation , they work in the Valtellina state offices as government representatives in Chiavenna and as podiums in Plurs , Tirano , Teglio , Traona and Morbegno and also hold the highest position in Valtellina , the office of governor or governor .

In a long line of officers [3] the a Marcas are from the end of the 15th century in the service of Venice , the King of France and the embassies of the Pope. They are also clergy, bankers, merchants, builders, pharmacists, and doctors.

Other members of the family officiate as district judges of the Gray Confederation and, from 1803, as members of the Graubünden government and judges in the highest cantonal authorities. In 1806, Clemente Maria a Marca (1764–1819) [4] presided over the Grisons Grand Council, was a member of the Small Council in 1806 and 1817, and was a judge and president of the Court of Appeal in 1817 and 1819 . In 1849 Giuseppe a Marca (1799–1866) [5] was one of the first Graubünden councilors .

The family's estates stretched across the valley and they still own patrician houses today.

Maria Magdalena a Marca (1778–1816), daughter of Brigadier Peter Conradin von Donatz and Baroness Louise de Saint-Sixt à la Roche [6] , ancestor of the line a Marca de Donatz

Through marriage, the gender was linked to the most influential families of the Misox and beyond. From the connection in 1797 of the district judge Giovanni Antonio a Marca (1769-1859) with Maria Magdalena a Marca (1778-1816) , born de Donatz Pohlom [7] , the line a Marca de Donatz , which still exists today, arose .

coat of arms

The coat of arms is divided and half-split, field 1 of red is a silver sack, field 2 of gold, diagonally to the left, a pinned bar, field 3 five times split of red and silver.

On the helmet with silver-red blankets, a black, red-tongued bear growing from a crown, gagged with a silver-red ribbon and holding a gold star on its paw.

At the foot of the church of SS Pietro e Paolo in Mesocco two palazzi belonging to the family, the "Upper" and the "Lower" a Marca house, in a depiction by FG Toscano del Banner [8] 1842

The upper coat of arms and the upper half of the shield come from the coat of arms of Sax-Misox (de Sacco) - Belmont and refer to the close relationship with these primitive noble families, from whose bosom, according to tradition, the a Marca family emerged as a natural line.


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  • The family has one of the most extensive private archives in the Alpine region. In 1991 it was transferred to the Fondazione Archivio a Marca [13] .

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