I like it - A mí me gusta

To me like I is a film Venezuelan premiered on 12 December as 2008 in Venezuela , directed by Ralph Kinnard and produced by Ananas Productions, filmed in Caracas and London , and starring Monica Pasqualotto and Jonathan Ashford .

I like it is a romantic comedy based on a young cook who goes to London to try her luck in her art, but is defeated, due to the failure of her goal or, colloquially, with the tables in her head. Suddenly, Margarita meets her idol, the British chef Paul Welsare with whom she realizes that it is not how she had imagined it.


Margarita García has a dream: to become a great chef, but not in her home country. She leaves everything behind to start a new life in London , but is forced to return to Venezuela . Back home in Caracas, he has to start all over again, but fate gives him a new opportunity:

Paul Welsare, a renowned British chef, comes to Venezuela to work for Christmas . If she manages to receive a recommendation, she will have the passport to success in her hands.

The only problem is that Paul and Margarita are polar opposites. Between the family, friends and the kitchen stove, this love story between a cold Englishman and a passionate Latina - « Now the war will be ignited in the stoves » - will ignite , just to show that the true home is where it is the heart.



  • Ralph Kinnard / Director
  • Sandra Charolet / Assistant Director and Marketing
  • María Alejandra Yépez / Assistant Director
  • Ana Gabriela Sánchez / Assistant director
  • Leny Ávila / Script
  • Alberto Benítez / Casting Director
  • Hernalvis Castellanos / Casting Coordinator


  • Reinaldo Cervini / Associate Producer
  • Liz Mago Bosch / Executive Producer
  • Yannine Poleo / Production Manager
  • Mariana Zubillaga / Producer of Avanzada
  • Sofia Hilders / Field Producer
  • Carlos Albarran / Production Assistant
  • Luis la Roche / Production Assistant
  • María Cárdenas / Production Secretary
  • Frankil Miranda / Learn production
  • Najla Raydan / Production Apprentice
  • Giovanni Rodríguez / Production transport
  • Freddy García / Filming Manager


Art and costumes

  • Yvo Hernández / Art Director
  • Roger Vargas / Air Freshener
  • Jorge Sarmiento / Set designer
  • Intensity Gornés Vera / Head of costumes



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