A merced - A merced

«A merced»
Song by Gustavo Cerati
Album Yellow love
Publication November 1 , 1993
Recording Ambar Studios
Gender Dream Pop
Psychedelic Folk
Duration 6:28
Record label RCA International
Writer (s) Gustavo Cerati
Producer (s) Gustavo Cerati
Zeta Bosio
Yellow Love Songs
"Now is never"
«A merced»

A mercy is a song composed by Gustavo Cerati for his first solo album Amor amarillo . This song had never been played in his concerts, but on the Fuerza Natural Tour it was included in the setlist along with other songs from this album. This tour would become the last of his career before slipping into a coma in 2010 and later death in 2014.


"Hey hey hey at the mercy
my love is real
I'll be
at the mercy again"

Excerpt from «At your mercy»

It is a love song written for Cecilia Amenábar . The phrases "I hear you dreaming" and "I almost want you to wake up" may refer to the fact that Gustavo composed the song (like the entire album) in the living room of his home in Providencia , at night while Cecilia was sleeping. [ 1 ]

It is the theme that closes the album (in the second edition). He is singing for Gustavo and in the second part of the song the choirs are made by Cecilia while Gustavo recites the verses of the song «Yellow love» and ends up repeating the phrase "I love you".


  • The only live version (until 2009) had been done on an acoustic for FM 100 radio on April 14 , 1994 , which was also broadcast by Much Music with Zeta Bosio on bass, in what would be the only official presentation of the disk.
  • In the live version of the Fuerza Natural Tour, the song was divided into two parts (just like the original), the first sung by Gustavo with acoustic guitar, and the second with electric guitar and Anita Álvarez de Toledo in backing vocals.
  • In 2014 Cecilia Amenábar made a version (accompanied by Jorge González and Gonzalo Yáñez ) for the Gustavo tribute album called I'll see you come back made by Chilean artists. [ 2 ]
  • In August 2001 he is part of the live album 11 Symphonic Episodes



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