A Million to One (Selena and the Dinos song) - A Million to One (canción de Selena y los Dinos)

«A Million to One»
Single of Selena and the Dinos
from the Rag Doll album
B side " Rag doll "
Publication 1986
Format Vinyl disc
Recording 1986; Amen Studios (San Antonio, Tx.)
Genders) Pop
Duration 3:07
Record label GP Records
Author (s) Phil Medley
Producer (s) Manny R. Guerra
Selena and the Dinos singles timeline
" With this cup "
«A Million to One»
"Remember me"

" A Million to One " is a single from the Selena y los Dinos group's Rag Doll album . [ 1 ] It was released in 1986. The song was written in the 1960s by famous American composer Phil Medley and first performed by Jimmy Charles in 1969. The song earned a nomination in the category "Keyboard Single of the Year. "At the Mike Chavez Awards in 1987. [ 2 ] The song" Rag Doll "was featured on the B-side of the vinyl .

Background and composition

After their first album " My First Recordings ", the group had not had the opportunity to record another song in English. It was because of this that they decided to record the song "A Million to One" , a cover by singer Jimmy Charles and written by Phil Medley in the 60s. This song became the second official single from the album and thus, yet another success for the group.

Use in other albums

  • It was remixed in 1996 for the album "Siempre Selena" in jazz version.
  • Appeared in "The Selena Collection" in 1997.
  • The song was part of the compilations "All My Hits - Todos Mis Éxitos, Vol. 2" , "Greatest Hits" and "Selena y sus Inicios, Vol. 4" in 2000, 2003 and 2004 respectively.
  • In 2010 it appeared on the 4-disc super deluxe edition of the compilation " La Leyenda " and in 2011, it was compiled on the album "10 Great Songs" .


  • Producer - Manny R. Guerra
  • Recording and Mixing - Amen Studios (San Antonio, Tx.)
  • Musical arrangements - Selena y Los Dinos
  • Composition - Juan H. Barrón

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