A Night in Texas - A Night in Texas

A Night in Texas
General information
origin Cairns , Australia
Genre(s) Deathcore
founding 2010
Website www.facebook.com/anightintexas
Current occupation
Ethan Lucas
Cory Judd
Angus Gasson
Luke Adkins
former members
Rheese Peters
Rick Fieldhouse
Anthony Barone

A Night in Texas is a deathcore band from Cairns , Australia, founded in 2010 [1] .


A Night was founded in Texas in 2010 in Cairns, Australia . The band released a self-titled demo that same year and an EP three years later with Invigoration . The demo was produced in- house , while the EP was released on Skull and Bones Records . After the EP was released, the group moved to Brisbane and in mid-2013 Rheese Peters joined them as the new singer. [1] Also on Skull and Bones Records, the 2015 debut album The God Delusion was released . [2] In October 2016, The Unholy Alliance appeareda split EP with the Canadian deathcore band Angelmaker . [3]

The band's second album, Global Slaughter , was released on December 11, 2017 . [4]

In January and February 2016, the band toured together with Aversions Crown and Rings of Saturn by Europe . [5] In April and May 2017, A Night in Texas toured with Whitechapel in Southeast Asia . [6]

In October 2018, Anthony Barone announced that he was leaving A Night in Texas by mutual agreement. [7]


Matty Sievers from killyourstereo.com wrote in his review of The God Delusion that it contained more aggressive and technically demanding deathcore. The drums are fast and played precisely, while the bass is usually quite deep, but mostly inaudible. The electric guitars are also aggressive and fast, the vocals are guttural , aggressive and versatile and have been partially recorded in multiple tracks and provided with additional effects. The music is kept straightforward. The album is quite short with a running time of around half an hour, lyrically it is about Satan , how he ascends from hell to take over the world. [8th]Wessel also assigned metalnexus.net to deathcore. The music is designed to be aggressive and sometimes includes very high vocals. The text deals with the human condition , political dilemmas in which one is currently and the damage that people would cause to society and the planet. [9]




  • 2010: A Night in Texas (Demo)
  • 2012: Invigoration (EP, Skull and Bones Records)
  • 2016: The Unholy Alliance (split EP with Angelmaker , in-house production)


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