A Nightmare to Remember - A Nightmare to Remember

«A Nightmare to Remember»
Song of Dream Theater
Album Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Gender Progressive metal , metal symphonic
Duration 16:00
Record label Roadrunner Records
Writer (s) John Petrucci
Producer (s) John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy
Original language English
Country of origin United States
«A Nightmare to Remember»
«A Rite of Passage»

"A Nightmare to Remember" is the first song on the album Black Clouds & Silver Linings by progressive metal band Dream Theater . It lasts 16 minutes, being the second longest on the album. The lyrics of the song tell of a car accident in which Petrucci was involved as a child according to Rick Wilson . This song contains many tempo changes and a solo section by Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci . It is mainly characterized by the use of blast beats, in which you can see a harder and darker tint (explicitly noted in the minutes before the end of the song), presenting Opeth as a possible influence. In addition to this, at minute 11 begins a section of great speed and rhythmic precision by Mike Portnoy , together with the dark melodies presented by the song, the use of "heavy" voices is added (recorded in the studio by Portnoy) , and performed in some live performances by Mikael Åkerfeldt , clearly showing Opeth's influence on the subject. At the concerts of his most recent world tour, A Nightmare To Rememberit was the first song on the setlist. Lights that simulated thunder, a curtain that fell with the beginning of the song and the images that were projected on the giant screens give account of the great production that a Dream Theater show has