AOE - A. O. E.

AOE (acronym for “Spanish West Africa”) was a periodical publication published in Ifni between 1945 and 1968, during the period of Spanish domination.


The publication, whose first issue appeared in 1945, was published in the North African city of Sidi Ifni - originally part of Spanish West Africa and since 1958 part of the small province of Ifni - on a weekly basis. [ 1 ] AOE was founded by the governor of West Africa, José Bermejo Lopez . [ 2 ] It was aimed at the Spanish settlers, to the detriment of the native population. [ 1 ] It made an apology for the civilizing role of Spain in the region and an attempt was made to legitimize the Spanish possession of the enclave.[ 1 ] The signing of the Treaty of Fez would end its publication, since its last data number of 31 December 1968. [ 1 ]



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