To closed eyes - A ojos cerrados

A closed eyes is a film Costa Rican of the genre drama of 2010, written and directed by filmmaker Hernán Jiménez , the first feature film in his career. [ 1 ]

The film was selected in the Latin American Works in Progress of the Berlinale in 2009, even before its official premiere in Costa Rica in April 2010. [ 2 ]


Gabo (Carlos Luis Zamora) and Maga (Anabelle Ulloa) are an elderly couple who have lived together their whole lives and are completely emotionally dependent on each other. Delia (Carol Sanabria), their young granddaughter, was raised by the two of them in the absence of her biological parents in a welcoming family environment. At the age of 27, Delia already has a promising career in a large transnational company.

Everything is turned upside down after Maga's sudden death. Gabo and Delia plunge into absolute loneliness, where they will seek and reinvent their family ties.

This situation occurs just at the moment when Delia is assigned a task of great responsibility: the management of a large-scale project that can greatly define the future of the company.

At the climax of the story, the family learns that Maga expressed, in her will , the wish that her ashes be scattered in the Caribbean Sea .

Delia then faces a serious dilemma after finding that there is nothing else in her grandfather's life, and now she is forced to carry out her grandmother's last wish; the final crossroads is to forget your professional commitment to take a personal trip to the Caribbean.


  • Carlos Luis Zamora - Gabo
  • Carol Sanabria - Delia
  • Anabelle Ulloa - Maga
  • Carlos Porras - Traffic Officer
  • Paulo Soto - Gastón


The original script for A ojos closed was written by Hernán Jiménez about a year and a half before filming began. In December 2007, and with the support of Fundacine, Jiménez was invited to participate in the workshop "How do you tell a story?", Given by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and the Spanish filmmaker David Trueba, at the Escuela of San Antonio de los Baños , Cuba. Upon his return to Costa Rica, he began the long casting process, with the support of the Cinema Center, in which more than 650 people were considered for various roles.

Finally, it was filmed between July and August 2008 in natural locations in San José, an old house in the city and the beaches of Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo de Limón .

For its realization, Costa Rican actors were used in its entirety. One of the film's protagonists, Carlos Luis Zamora (78), had no prior acting experience. In August 2010, he received a tribute from the Civic Association of the Municipality of Goicoechea , as a resident of that canton of Josefino. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

The financing for the filming came mainly from three sources: money that the director collected from his theater work, support from the organization TEOR / éTica and the Cultural Center of Spain. It was shot in high definition and later transferred to a 35mm format . [ 5 ]

It had an extremely limited budget, estimated at $ 20,000. [ 6 ]


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