In the dark - A oscuras

A dark is a film from Argentina filmed in colors directed by Victoria Chaya Miranda based on the script by Carla Scatarelli that premiered on January 10 , 2019 and whose main actors were Esther Goris , Francisco Bass , Arturo Bonín and Alberto Ajaka [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


The film contains three stories: Lola tries not to let the passage of time destroy her talent; The violent relationship with Víctor will bring Ana closer to the world of prostitution and the addiction to cocaine will destroy Lucio.


They are participating in the film the following interpreters: [ 2 ] [ 1 ]


Gaspar Zimerman in Clarín said:

"The three stories have in common the loneliness and despair of their protagonists, who seem isolated in their problems and have no one to ask for help ... it is very difficult to empathize with the experiences of these lost beings ... Perhaps the story that can touch Some fiber, to touch a current issue on the social and media agenda such as gender violence, is that of the pipe dancer. That even has some suspense for the strained relationship between this woman ... and her abusive boyfriend / pimp ... The other two stories are even more dry. An unrecognizable Esther Goris ... stars in a blurred imitation of Sunset Boulevard, while the adventures of the merchant dealer / bowling alley that Francisco Bass embodies do not directly have dramatic support. [ 2 ]

Matías Orta on the asalallena website exceeded:

”Lola, Ana, Lucio and those around them are shown honestly, without making value judgments; they all try to survive, to hold on to what remains of their dreams and longings, and must be careful not to be eaten by their own torments. Another merit of the director and the screenwriter, Carla Scatarelli, is to tell the life and internal sufferings of the characters without falling into over-explanations or common places. Esther Goris transmits Lola's fragility, but without losing her character, achieving one of her best performances. Guadalupe Docampo confirms her versatility to compose characters with rich nuances, even in the same film. Francisco Bass ... is very convincing in such a risky role, and avoiding over-acting ... In the darkit is an urban, adult, uncomfortable film. Although some climates are typical of a thriller, at heart it is a drama with creatures of the night as human as those that walk in the light of day. [ 1 ]


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