A Place To Call My Own - A Place To Call My Own

«A Place To Call My Own»
Song of Genesis
Album From Genesis to Revelation
Publication 1969
Recording 1969
Duration 1:54
Record label Decca Records ( RU )
London Records (EE.UU.)
Writer (s) Peter Gabriel, John Silver, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Anthony Phillips
Producer (s) Jonathan King
Original language English

"A Place To Call My Own" (in Spanish: "A Place To Call It Mine") is a short song, included in the first album of the English progressive rock group Genesis , called From Genesis to Revelation , a concept album by the year 1969.

The song is built in two parts: the first has Peter Gabriel singing the six-line lyrics with a piano accompaniment . The melody is particularly well designed and moving. Once finished, the violins and the trumpets begin, along with the bass, the guitar, and the drums, forming the second instrumental part, which gradually fades until the end of the song.

It sounds like it was put together at the last minute to put an end to the album's concept story, which has been pushed aside in several songs. The lines in the letter "Now I am coming to the end of my journey inside your womb and I think I have found a place to call it my own" seem to indicate that.

Gabriel and guitarist Anthony Phillips seem to stumble upon a consistent melody but sadly they didn't get a chance to fully develop it. It has not been performed live, and there is no other version of the song, except for the one found on this album.