A Plastic Ocean - A Plastic Ocean

Original title A Plastic Ocean
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2016
Long 102 minutes
Director Craig Leeson
script Craig Leeson
production Adam Leipzig, Jo Ruxton
music Miriam Cutler, Vladi Slav
Camera Michael Pitts
cut Mindy Elliott

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary by the Australian Craig Leeson that examines the environmental problems caused by plastics in the oceans worldwide.


Originally, the journalist Craig Leeson wanted to film blue whales off Sri Lanka. However, he noticed pieces of rubbish in the water miles away from the mainland. Together with the diver Tanya Streeter, he documents global garbage problems in the seas and coasts.

This is how marine animals die again and again, their stomachs full of plastic parts. In Tuvalu , the plastic dump seems to be causing disease. In Manila, children vegetate in rubbish, which is actually a beach.

Positive examples are also explained: Plastic bags have been banned in Rwanda, and the deposit system in Germany is also working effectively. The Pasig River in Manila has been cleared of rubbish and renatured.

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