The Buron Test - A Proba de Burón

La Puebla de Burón (in Galician and officially A Proba de Burón ) is a parish and a town in the Galician province of Lugo , located 3 km from the urban center of Fonsagrada , of which it was the capital of the Asturian council of Burón until 1834 when It became part of the new province of Lugo, preserving the municipal capital until the end of the 19th century .

For centuries, since the Middle Ages , the territory of the current town councils of Fonsagrada and Negueira de Muñiz belonged to Asturias and was called Tierra de Burón or, more modernly, Council of Burón , occupying the western part of the upper basin of the Navia River . bordering Asturias and the province of León . In the ecclesiastical, a good part of this territory formed the arciprestazgo de Burón , included in the archdeacon called Ribadeo (without relation to the Galician town of that name) of the bishopric of Oviedo .

In the town there are approximately 60 houses and it is divided into 4 neighborhoods:

- Triana o Tranvasaugas

- the Chao

- Milladoiro

- Cruz Nova

La Puebla de Burón stands out mainly for the castle that belonged to the fiefdom of the Counts of Altamira del Valle de Burón. The castle is known by the name of "A Fortaleza" and currently only one of its towers is standing as it was almost completely destroyed in the middle of the 20th century .

Of this village, it should be noted that it was the capital of the municipality of Burón (current Fonsagrada) until 1835, passing to what is today Fonsagrada due to mere facts of accessibility. The 'Camino Primitivo' also passes through this village, one of the oldest routes on the Camino de Santiago .

The economy is fundamentally based on livestock, although there are few major livestock farms. The birth rate is very low, barely a child is born each year, although there is a fairly large group of teenagers who come to town every weekend and hold various parties to give life to the area.