Fireproof - A prueba de fuego

Studio album of Grupo Niche
Publication June 17, 1997
Genders) Salsa
Record label Sony Music
Producer (s) Jairo varela
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A proof of fire is the fifteenth studio album by the Colombian salsa orchestra Niche , released on June 17, 1997 through the Sony Records label. The album was a commercial success, driven mainly by the popularity of the song "Eres", sung by Willie Garcia. [ 1 ] It is the first time that an album of the group contains 10 songs: 8 unreleased songs and 2 new versions of "Solo Un Cariño" and "Busca Por Inside".

Recording and composition

The composition of the entire album was marked by the experience of director Jairo Varela , who was imprisoned twice during 1995 to 1999, [ 2 ] for illicit enrichment and money laundering. For the arrangements and choice of voices, he was visited in jail by José Aguirre , Willy García, Javier Vásquez and Alberto Barros .


Song that describes the feeling of improvement that Jairo felt when he was imprisoned.

Songs list

All the songs were written by Jairo Varela . [ 3 ]

N.º Title Interpreter (s) Duration
1. "You are" Willy Garcia 4:29
2. «Cimarrón» Willy Garcia 5:13
3. "Mechanical" Willy Garcia 5:38
4. "Just A Sweetheart" Willy Garcia 5:48
5. "Fireproof" Willy Garcia 5:10
6. "Stupid" Javier Vasquez 4:50
7. "The jail" Beto Caicedo 5:31
8. "Only you know" Willy Garcia 4:45
9. «Only You Know» Willy Garcia 4:45
10. "Search Inside" Willy Garcia 5:33



  • Bass: Daniel Silva
  • Bongo and timpani: Douglas Guevara
  • Singers: William «Willy» García, Javier Vásquez, Beto Caicedo
  • Congas: Douglas Guevara, Sammy García (guest on "Eres" and "Mecánico")
  • Choirs: Daniel Silva, William «Willy» García, Beto Caicedo, Adriana Chamorro (guest on «Cimarrón»)
  • Güiro: Carlos Guerrero, Diego Galé (guest on «Cimarrón»)
  • Maracas: Carlos Guerrero
  • Piano: Julio Abadía, Carlos Vivas
  • Trombone 1, 2 and 3: Alberto Barros
  • Trumpet 1 and 2: José Aguirre


  • Arrangements: Jairo Varela , José Aguirre
  • Engineer: Guillermo Varela
  • Mix: Adolfo Levy, Jairo Varela
  • Transcription and harmonization: José Aguirre, Juan V. Zambrano (in "You are"), Ángel Fernández (in "Only You Know")


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