A Quenlla (band) - A Quenlla (banda)

A Quenlla (the tintorera, a kind of shark , in Galician ) is a group of folk music and traditional Galician music , created in 1984 [ 1 ] by various musicians, among which were Mini and Mero , former historical members from the Fuxan os Ventos group .
The A Quenlla project was born with the intention of developing a style close to folk and traditional Galician music, but without abandoning the social and vindictive theme, [ 2 ]An aspect that Fuxan os ventos had been neglecting. To the initial formation, of only three people, different musicians were added, until they reached ten.
The lyrics of A Quenlla are based on two sources: traditional music and Galician writers, being very numerous in its discography the adaptations of different poems by Celso Emilio Ferreiro , Manuel María , Darío Xohán Cabana or Xosé Luis Méndez Ferrín , as well as the inclusion on discs of recited texts.
Another characteristic of the group is a certain tendency to make thematic albums, as a way of influencing a certain message. Thus Europolis '88 is a fierce criticism of the European Union; The house we never had , a metaphorical reflection on Galicia and love of the land; and You fall in love with life , a song against the dangers of drugs (this album was made in collaboration with the Galician Federation of Associations to Help Drug Addicts).

In 2010 they published Os Irmandiños . [ 3 ]

The group has also collaborated numerous times by putting a soundtrack to different documentaries and other videographic works.



  • The times not yet, are not arrived (1986)
  • European '88 (1988)
  • Beyond the fog (1990)
  • Earth (album of the Shark) | Earth (1992)
  • Christmas in Galician: Galicia sings to the boy (1993)
  • The house we never had (1996)
  • Fall in love with the life (1999)
  • Silences in memory (2004)
  • 17 troula songs (2007)
  • The Irmandiños (2011)
  • 30 years with A Quella. Love, pain and struggle (2014) [ 4 ]
  • Desorballando autumns (2014) [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

Collaborations and collective records

  • Playing with music 1 (1997)
  • Playing with music 2 (1998)
  • Chill Out Celta in Galicia (2004)


  • Our songs. Vol. 1 (1997)
  • Our songs. Vol. 2 (1998)


  • Galicia: 70 years of nationalism (1988)
  • History of the Galician Language (1988)
  • Long Stone Night (1989)
  • Luis Pimentel: beyond the fog (1990)
  • Poetic Homeland (1991)


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