A Remark You Made - A Remark You Made

A Remark You Made
Weather Report
publication March 1977
Long 6:52
Genre(s) Jazz
Author (in) Joe Zawinul
Label Columbia Records
Album Heavy Weather

A Remark You Made is an instrumental ballad by the American jazz rock band Weather Report and written by Joe Zawinul . It was recorded on the album Heavy Weather in 1977 and also appeared on the live album 8:30 in 1979 .

A Remark You Made is considered one of the most beautiful ballads by Zawinul. [1]

Composition and recording

Zawinul emphasized several times that the timbres of his fellow musicians inspired him in the composition.

"In" A Remark You Made "the special tone of the bass lets the melody sing. I am a composer who works with sound. … When I heard Jaco's sound, I started to write a song based on him and the saxophone and my little jive. ... I live from the sound, and it had a sound for eternity. Nobody had a better, cleaner sound. "“

Joe Zawinul[2]

“I wrote A Remark You Made the day I got my Oberheim string synthesizer, and I found the sound I use on the song. The next day Jaco joined us and we just did it. I knew immediately that it was something special. ""

Joe Zawinul[3]

“The day I got the Oberheim, I sat down with him to try it out. ... I just played it. Every note Wayne was supposed to play was there. I wrote it down, and we took it in one or two takes on. All I did was overdub a little harmony . Everything was there immediately. "

Joe Zawinul[4]

Cover versions

The ballad was also recorded by other musicians such as Warren Bernhardt (1983), Wolfgang Weth (1983), David Newton (1994), Brian Bromberg (2002), Terje Gewelt (2002) and Jonas Knutsson (2008). The discographer Tom Lord recorded 19 recordings of the title. [5]


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