A Rianxeira - A Rianxeira

A Rianxeira , sculpture by Manuel García de Buciños in Rianxo .

" A Rianxeira " is a popular song, which has become one of the cultural symbols of Galicia and particularly representative of the group of emigrants or "diaspora". [ 1 ]


The lyrics refer to traditional songs to accompany the processions of veneration to the Virgin of Guadalupe from the 19th century that take place in the town of Rianxo , whose feminine name is the one that baptizes the hymn. [ 2 ]

Despite its origin, the text is not religious in nature, although it uses the metaphorical figure of the Virgin to make an evocation of the figure of the Galician sea worker.


It was composed in 1947 in Buenos Aires by Anxo Romero Loxo, with lyrics by Xesús Frieiro Dourado, Pinciñas in honor of Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao . In the 1950s, the orchestration was created that reached the acceptance of the public thanks to the diffusion effect of the radio . It was premiered by El Coro Castelao and La Rondalla and recorded in Montevideo in 1950 under the title Ondiñas da nosa ría . [ 3 ]

A rianxeira is sung on the occasion of private celebrations and festivities, a custom also extended to football, which became popular at Celta matches in Balaídos ( Vigo ) from the successful 1990s of Galician football, 1990, to the present day. [ 4 ]

It has been covered, among others, by María Ostiz (1971), Ana Kiro (1977), A Roda , Dulce Pontes , the Galician Celtic punk-rock group Bastards on Parade [ 5 ] and Linda Ronstadt with The Chieftains . [ 6 ]


The Virgin of Guadalupe
when you go by the shore, (twice)
barefoot on the sand
it looks like a rianxeira. (bis)


Waves come (twice) (twice)
ripples come and go
don't board rianxeira
you're going to get dizzy.


The Virgin of Guadalupe
when he came to Rianxo, (twice)
the small boat that brought her
it was orange stick. (bis)


"Waves are coming ..."

The Virgin of Guadalupe
who made her brunette, (twice)
it was a ray of sunshine
who came in through the window


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