a rose is - a rose is

The artist group a rose is works on experimental theater forms between performance , drama , musical theater and installation .

The members are musicians, actors, directors, scenographers and other performative artists from Germany, England, Belgium and Switzerland. The center of the group is Berlin.

a rose is
Founding: 1997
Genre: experimental music theater , performance , installation
Website: http://www.aroseis.de/

Examples of the chosen approach

Machone @ X apartments

In June 2004, artists, film and theater makers left the Black Box Theaters to play in private apartments in the Berlin districts of Kreuzberg and Lichtenberg. The visitors went in pairs on a course that leads them through the apartments.

Julian Klein and Hannah Groninger installed a “real-fictitious” flat- sharing community in the rooms of the Kreuzberg hip- hopper Machone and Juscha for about a week . The result was a permanent party with characters and music from the lives of the residents.

One of the highlights of the first HAU season ... On the way, the strange fellow spectator became a sparring partner who helped interpret every new story. Who, for example, in the dirty flat shared with children, in which Hannah Groninger and Julian Klein intervened, was a drama student, who was an original resident? ... On this socially utopian stroll through Kreuzberg, the boundaries between reality and art began to vibrate. (Eva Behrendt, theater heute yearbook, “The theater of the year 2004”, Hebbel am Ufer (HAU)).

Brain study

The "installation for networked brain players" Brain study (radio version: hr 2001, performance version: MaerzMusik 2004) is a sound installation developed in collaboration with brain researcher Marc Bangert ( Harvard University , USA), in which an ensemble of performers Forms a model of a brain . Their brain activity is measured by EEG and translated into sound and light projections with the help of software. The biological rhythms remain unchanged; they form the sound material of the installation. The players used acoustic biofeedback to train their brainwavesto control. They are networked with one another in such a way that they communicate with one another through their activity like functional areas of a brain. A neural network of brains is created that can behave like a simple brain: it processes perceptions , calls up memories from its memory and has emotional states .

Institute for Artistic Research

In 2008 a rose is founded the ! KF Institute for Artistic Research Berlin together with Radialsystem V Berlin [1] . Together with 37 international institutions! KF is a founding member of the Society for Artistic Research , which also publishes the Internet journal Journal for Artistic Research [2] for artistic research .

List of projects




  • „On the wild Side“ – dOCUMENTA13 Kassel
  • „Reading Ciaccona“ / „The Art of Listening“ – Radialsystem V Berlin
  • “Per.SPICE!” Forum Artistic Research - sophiensaele Berlin
  • „the sun sets in the west“ – Dock11 Berlin





  • „adsense reflex“
  • „I'm not the only one“ Constanza Macras/Dorky Park
  • „Sure – shall we talk about it“ Constanza Macras/Dorky Park



  • "Adsense reading"
  • "Machone @ X Apartments" by Hannah Groninger (room) and Julian Klein (director)
  • "Brain study", performance installation for networked brain players (live version), awarded the Danzer Prize


  • „adsense concert“
  • "Know more far" by Antoine Beuger (music) and Els van Riel (film)
  • "Bursting Comets", film-music-theater based on Paul Scheerbart by Stephan Schneider (music) and Andreas Lorenschat (film)
  • "The Behr-Khyrsh-Project" by Moritz Eggert (music) and Andreas Simon (film)


  • “We don't remember”, musical theater
  • "Brain study", installation for networked brain players (radio version)
  • "Bucks Traum" with Christian Buck as a dreamer


  • „is art“: Performance-Reihe
  • „2wo in us“
  • „3hree to gather“
  • „4our for four“
  • „m'ocean“




  • "O", scenic symphony by Julian Klein - director: Kristina Lösche-Löwensen



Among the participants in productions of the group a rose is and the! KF - Institute for Artistic Research

Partnerensemble: Dorky Park

Since 2004 the group a rose is has also been working regularly with the dance company Dorky Park of the choreographer Constanza Macras. The first collaboration was the production Big in Bombay (Berliner Festspiele / Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz ).


Individual evidence

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