A. Schaaffhausen's Bankpalais - A. Schaaffhausen’sches Bankpalais

A. Schaaffhausen's Bankpalais, around 1880

The A. Schaaffhausen'sche Bankpalais , Unter Sachsenhausen 4 in Cologne , was the bank building of the A. Schaaffhausen'schen Bankverein , an important bank for the Rhineland and the Rhenish-Westphalian industrial area in the early days . The building erected between 1859 and 1862 by the Cologne architect Hermann Otto Pflaume is historically considered to be a “prime example of a bank building from the time of the second bank development phase”. It was opened on August 22, 1863, rebuilt in 1902 and destroyed in World War II.


The house showed "clearly palatial features", but also showed a "considerable expansion of the business area within the building". The facade of the three-storey building was divided into nine axes, of which side risalites each claimed one axis. Until the renovation in 1902, the central axis had a portal flanked by caryatids . After the renovation, the building had two entrances, one in each side projection, which was flanked by caryatids. There was a balcony above. The former main entrance in the middle was bricked up. The carytids had attributes such as book and brush as an allegory of science and the arts. In the pediment there were male figures as allegories of industry and trade. Above thatThe rusticated ground floor raised the two upper floors, which were combined by Corinthian columns in a colossal order . The large ballroom in the living area of ​​the Bankpalais featured a wide putti frieze . Four themes could be identified here: viticulture and architecture, handicraft and agriculture, trade and technology, art and science.

With the combination of classical forms with those of the Italian Renaissance , a "link to the distant past of the banks" was intended. The classical architecture is reminiscent of the “temple bench of antiquity”. The formal language of the Italian Renaissance is linked to the architecture of the Renaissance palazzi of the great Florentine bankers.


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Coordinates: 50 ° 56 ′ 33.6 " N , 6 ° 57 ′ 11.3" E