The Sierra de Outes - A Serra de Outes

The Sierra de Outes
town and village
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The Sierra de Outes located in Spain
The Sierra de Outes
The Sierra de Outes
Location of A Serra de Outes in Spain.
The Sierra de Outes located in the Province of La Coruña
The Sierra de Outes
The Sierra de Outes
Location of A Serra de Outes in the province of La Coruña.
country Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Autonomous communication Flag of Galicia.svg Galicia
Province Corunna
Municipality Escudo Outes.svg Outes
Location 42°50′35″N 8°54′30″O / 42.842972222222, -8.9083333333333Coordenadas: 42°50′35″N 8°54′30″O / 42.842972222222, -8.9083333333333
Altitude 20 masl
Population 1111 have.

Location and extension of A Serra de Outes in Outes

Location and extension of A Serra de Outes in Outes

A Serra de Outes [ 1 ] is a Spanish town in the municipality of Outes , province of La Coruña , ( Galicia ), and the capital of said municipality. Historically it belonged to the parish of Outes, but currently it does not belong to any of the parishes of the municipality. It is an urban settlement with the category of Villa according to the INE . [ citation required ]

In 2019 it had a population of 1,111 inhabitants (549 men and 562 women). It is located 20 meters above sea level, at the mouth of the Tines River and at the junction formed by the AC-550, CP-3304, CP-6202 and CP-5604 highways. It is surrounded by the towns of Vista Alegre, A Xurisdicción, Entines, O Areal and Boel. In it we find most of the collective residential housing of the municipal term and most of the economic activities not linked to the primary sector such as shops. [ 2 ]

It is one of the four urban centers of the municipality together with Ribeira do Freixo, Cruceiro de Roo and Ponte Nafonso (PGOM de Outes). It is the third most populated urban nucleus in the region, behind Noya and Puerto del Son . In the town there are most of the public services such as the health center, the Civil Guard barracks, the local police station, the house of culture, the town hall, a public school for infant and primary school and an institute high school.

Often the municipality of Outes is referred to in its entirety as A Serra de Outes , but the only officially accepted form in both Galician and Spanish for the municipality is Outes. [ citation required ]


In 1693 the Marquesado da Serra was created , a Spanish noble title created by King Carlos II in favor of Fernando Antonio Pablo Mariño de Lobeira Andrade y Sotomayor , Field Marshal of the Royal Armies, with the previous Viscount of Albeos. Mariño de Lobeira was the fifth grandson of Garcí Martíz de Barbeira captain of the lords of Altamira and Sancha Mariño de Lobeira, leading lady in Galicia in the 15th century and second lady of A Serra de Outes. The Bearer of this title held his domain over the Jurisdiction of A Serra.

Before the creation of the municipality of Outes, A Serra and the entire parish of San Pedro de Outes (which at that time also included the places of Terelle, Loios, Esperante and Lestaio) belonged to the jurisdiction of A Serra, which included the already mentioned parish of Outes, San Salvador de Colúns , San Juan de Mazaricos , Santa María de Lira and Santo Tomé de Baos . This Jurisdiction was discontinuous and its territory was interrupted by that of other jurisdictions. Of the ten parishes in the municipality of Outes, only San Pedro de Outes belonged to the lordship of A Serra, the remaining nine coming from the jurisdiction of Muros. The remaining parishes of the Jurisdiction of A Serra were annexed to the municipalities ofCarnota or Mazaricos . [ 3 ]

It is probable that at the end of the 19th century , the current town was divided into two smaller population centers: A Serra de Arriba and Serra de Abaixo, the latter belonging to the parish of Santa María de Entines. Currently the town has also annexed part of the village of Vista Alegre and A Xurisdicción.


Graph of demographic evolution of A Serra de Outes between 2000 and 2019

Population of law according to the municipal census of the INE


  • April 30 : Pampallín festival, a traditional festival recovered for young people.
  • July 25: Santiago Apóstol, patron of the town hall.
  • The Sunday closest to the apostle's day, Saint Christopher is celebrated.

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