A Sort of Homecoming - A Sort of Homecoming

«A Sort of Homecoming»
Episodio de The Tomorrow People
Episode No. Season 1
Episode 20
Directed by John Behring
Written by Jeff Rake & Alex Katsnelson
Code of production 2J7970
Issue April 21 , 2014
Guest star (s)
Episodios de The Tomorrow People
" Modus Vivendi " «A Sort of Homecoming» «Kill Switch»

A Sort of Homecoming [ 1 ] is the twentieth episode of the first season of the series American of drama and science fiction , The Tomorrow People . The episode was written by Jeff Rake and Alex Katsnelson and directed by John Behring. It was released on 21 as April as 2014 in the United States by the chain The CW . [ 2 ]

With Roger's return, everyone is concerned about the consequences if the Founder ever found out. Meanwhile, now that he knows the truth about the machine the Founder has been using to train him, Stephen enlists the help of Cara and John to destroy it. On the other hand, Russell and other kids of tomorrow who have given up hope of finding El Refugio , choose to surface and do things on their own.



  • The episode marks Natalie's first appearance.
  • Charlotte Taylor was previously seen on Enemy of My Enemy .
  • Roger returns in this episode.
  • Hilary reveals to be truly in love with Stephen.
  • Natalie urges other members of Tomorrow's Boys to go to Ultra and accept the Founder's truce.
  • Luca knows the hideout of the Boys of Tomorrow.
  • It is revealed that Homo Superior can assassinate when time stands still.
  • Roger, Stephen and John try to destroy the Founder's machine.
  • John is captured by Ultra and the Founder strips him of his powers.
  • Russell, Natalie and their followers are injected with the same serum that the Founder injected Monty in Smoke and Mirrors .
  • Hilary sets off a bomb in Ultra to assassinate the Founder.

Banda sound [ 3 ]

N.º Interpreter Title Album
1 Sarah Blasko «Not Yet» I Awake
2 Jess Mills «In My Arms» Twist of Fate



On March 4, 2014 it was announced that Leven Rambin was hired to play Natalie, a troublesome homo superior who has no love for humans, who meets Russell. Rambin will appear in the last three episodes of the season. [ 4 ]


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