A Spell a Rebel Yell - A Spell a Rebel Yell

«A Spell a Rebel Yell»
Song of Coldplay
Simple Violet Hill
Recording 2007/08
Gender Pop rock
Duration 2:40
Record label Parlophone
Capitol Records
Writer (s) Coldplay
Producer (s) Brian Eno
Markus Dravs
Original language English
Violet Hill songs
«Violet Hill»
«A Spell a Rebel Yell»

Spell A Rebel Yell (in Spanish , a charm, a rebel yell ) is the flip side of Violet Hill ,first single from Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends , fourth studio album of the band of alternative rock Coldplay .

The song was released on May 7 in a promotional issue of the single Violet Hill , which accompanies NME magazine .

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