Clean shot - A tiro limpio

A clean shot is a Spanish detective film from 1963 considered film noir [ 1 ] and of great prestige among Spanish filmmakers. [ 2 ] It was directed by Francisco Pérez-Dolz , [ 3 ] [ 4 ] and was filmed in Barcelona starring José Suárez .

The script was written by José María Ricarte , Miguel Cussó and Francisco Pérez-Dolz himself around an original story of the first of them. [ 5 ] The photography is by Francisco Marín and the music by Francisco Martínez Tudo .

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Two French communist robbers (Martín and Antoine) organize a gang to dock in Spain , for which they contact the Spanish Roman. After the failure of the first robbery attempt they plan a second robbery in Barcelona , which does not go any better and they will end up betraying each other.


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