Full color (supplement) - A todo color (suplemento)

A full color was a comic book supplement published by the Barcelona newspaper La Prensa between 1953 and 1956. Starting with issue 56, it changed its title to La Prensa Adventures and Amenities , and was published in black and white with a tabloid size. [ 1 ] It was coordinated by Josep Toutain . [ 1 ]


His cartoons came from the agency Histograf : [ 1 ]

Years Numbers Title Screenwriter Cartoonist
27/08/1953 38, 41, 53 Sylvia Millions José Toutain José Toutain
1953 Raf Mc. Lane Ricardo Acedo Antonio Bernal
1953 Pito the little soldier Tunet Vila Tunet Vila
1953 Operation Satellite / Captain Space Victor Mora Jaime Rumeu
17/09/1953- 41- Peter Kane Ricardo Acedo F. Javier
15/10/1953 45 Don Cornelio Roberto Segura Roberto Segura
22/10/1953 46 Speechless López Espí López Espí
29/10/1953 47 Juan Spirit Monsoon Monsoon
05/11/1953 48- Shimba the Bloodthirsty Vicente Ramos, José Morante , Enrique Cerdán
24/12/1953 55 Doing the indian Francisco Ibáñez Francisco Ibáñez
1954 Spectrum José Grau José Grau
1954 Raúl Submachine Gun Lopez Blanco Lopez Blanco
1954 Dinah in the Queen of Angkor Carlos Laffond Carlos Laffond
1954 Line of fighters González Casquel Garcia Pizarro
1954 Hen Tiger Alfredo Ibarra Alfredo Ibarra