Give everything - A todo dar

A todo dar is a Chilean telenovela , melodrama genre, produced by AD Producciones and broadcast by Megavisión from March 9 to October 10, 1998.

It is created and written by Alfredo Rates , in collaboration with Pamela Soriano, produced by Cecilia Ramírez, directed by Herval Abreu , executed by Carlos Humeres, under the core content of Ricardo Miranda and Bartolomé Dezerega.

It stars María José Prieto , Juan Pablo Bastidas , Alejandro Castillo and Liliana García . It features performances by Alex Zisis , Carolina Arregui , Ana María Gazmuri , Renato Münster , Berta Lasala , Liliana Ross , Violeta Vidaurre , among others.

The telenovela was optimally tuned thanks to a solid story, a great cast and the use of beautiful landscapes as settings, including Bahia in Brazil .


Andrés del Río ( Alejandro Castillo ) was a responsible hippie who suddenly became a widower. So, he decided to take over his family's fortune. He gets a lot of money and after four years he decides to marry Oriana ( Liliana García ) for the third time .

This deeply annoys his eldest daughter, Maite ( María José Prieto ), who cannot bear to have this woman replace her mother. His contempt for Oriana is due above all because he believes that he is the lover of Sergio ( Alex Zissis ), his father's partner, since he discovered them in a compromising situation, although at least on Oriana's part, it had nothing to do with reality. . Maite rebels against her family and escapes to Bahia where she meets a group of motorcyclists and falls in love with the group's leader, Pablo ( Juan Pablo Bastidas ).

Sergio, who does want to stay with his partner's wife, hatches a plan and orders Andrés to be killed. This would leave the way clear for him to conquer Oriana and, incidentally, completely take over Andrés' companies. However, the latter does not die, although he completely loses his memory as a result of the bullet he received and without knowing how, he arrives at a town called El Tambo. There he becomes a mysterious character known to all as "El Tambito", while his family and close friends give him up for dead.

Maite never loses hope of finding her father alive one day and begins a frantic search. On his way he meets José Miguel ( Renato Münster ), with whom he starts a romance.



  • Executive President of AD Producciones: Bertolomé Dezerega
  • Content executive director: Ricardo Miranda
  • Production Director: Carlos Humeres
  • Author: Alfredo Rates
  • Script: Alfredo Rates and Pamela Soriano
  • Telenovela director: Herval Abreu
  • Soap opera producer: Cecilia Ramírez

Sound band

  1. Pedro Suárez Vértiz - "I'm Falling In Love"
  2. Jon Secada - "Angel"
  3. Natalino - "Since I Saw You"
  4. Massimo Di Cataldo - "Si Dices Que Te Vas"
  5. Emmanuel - "This Adventure"
  6. Ricardo Arjona - "Who Would Say"
  7. Pedro Aznar - "There is no way to ask for forgiveness"
  8. Chayanne - "This Rhythm Is Danced Like This"
  9. Cristián Castro - "When You Look At Me Like This"
  10. Fey - "The Force Of Destiny"
  11. Grupo Pandora - "As long as Seeing You Happy"
  12. Roberto Carlos - "This Afternoon I Saw Raining"
  13. Public Disorder - "Latex"
  14. Miguel Bosé - "If This Is Love"
  15. Franco de Vita - "Como Decirte No"
  16. Luis Miguel - "The Door"
  17. Shakira - "Anthology"
  18. La Sonora Dinamita - "La Colita"
  19. Pablo Herrera - "I don't know what to do with her"

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