All or nothing (Chile) - A todo o nada (Chile)

A todo o nada is a Chilean game show, broadcast by Mega [ 1 ] between 2013 and 2014, and by Televisión Nacional de Chile in 2020. In its first stage, it was produced by Endemol Chile , and in the second by KZA TV .

It first aired on July 24 , 2013 and ended on February 20 , 2014 . It was driven by Francisco Kaminski . It was re-released by TVN from January 27, 2020 until March 13 of the same year, when it had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic . [ 2 ] It was driven by Gustavo Huerta .

It is a version of the successful Argentine program A todo o nada broadcast by El Trece . The show aired Monday through Friday.

Its rules were adapted from The Last Passenger , [ 3 ] which between 2006 and 2010 was broadcast in Chile on TVN , but unlike this, the contestants do not compete for a study tour, but for instant prizes such as: tablets , phones, trips, etc., which vary according to the test. [ 4 ] Simple and family-oriented whose tests are made for ordinary people of any sex and age.


Live, a long line of contestants do different tests in order to win appliances , trips, among others. Each test has a time of 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the length of it.


  • Boombox MTV
  • Tablet MTV
  • Netbook MTV
  • LED TV
  • Notebook
  • Changan CS 35
  • Smart TV
  • Fridge
  • Azumi Cell
  • Gas grill
  • Travels
  • PlayStation 3
  • Full 4 MTV
  • LCD


  • The mast : It consists of turning a ball with a rope around a mast and making the ball enter the container.
  • Photos from Twitter : For the participants who cannot go to the studio there is this contest, in which photos uploaded to Twitter with the hashtag #AtodoOnadaMega are shown. The most creative photography wins a Boombox at the end of the program.
  • What is it? : An object rotates quickly, and the contestants have to guess which object is constantly rotating.
  • The mountains : It consists of throwing a bowling ball in an undulating area so that it falls in the prize area.
  • The nut : The contestant has 10 seconds to remove a nut and place it in the container.
  • Catch the balls : The contestant must catch with one hand 2 golf balls that come out of the structure.
  • The pigs : In 10 seconds, the contestant must insert a coin into each of the 10 piggy banks with only one hand.
  • The bat : It consists of throwing a baseball bat and dropping a baseball in the prize area.
  • The blind box : In 30 seconds and without seeing, the contestant must hit the 3 boxing pears with only one fist.
  • The cat : The contestant has 5 seconds to activate the light with the cat.
  • The lamp : In 5 seconds the contestant must light all the lamps.
  • The frogs : It consists of a toy frog, which the contestant has to advance to the prize area; if you stop before or after the prize zone, you lose.
  • The fan : The contestant must manage to fit the ball into any of the 3 rapidly rotating containers.
  • Smash the ball : The contestant must bounce a ball so that it falls into the bowl.
  • The balloons : In 5 seconds the contestant must pop 10 balloons with his hands alone.
  • Clash of Balls : The contestant must throw the ball, collide it with the other and leave it in the prize area
  • The saw : The contestant must throw an apple without it touching the saw.
  • The car : The contestant, with his car, must push a ball towards the bowling pins all this without going over the line and bounce all the bowling pins.
  • The elastic : The contestant must throw an elastic managing to throw a block of wood and the testimony in a tube.
  • Tape separators : The contestant must join 5 tapes in 10 seconds.
  • The press : The contestant must throw the drink can, causing it to be crushed.
  • The Geyser : The contestant has to throw a bowl and make the ball fall into it.
  • Dogs : The pet must throw all the sticks.
  • Sushi : The contestant must catch the sushi with chopsticks.
  • The wheel : The contestant must push a bicycle wheel and it must fit in the prize area.
  • Las Lucas : They must find a thousand-peso bill with a signature spread all over Chile and they can win fifty thousand pesos.
  • The bartender : The contestant must pass a ball through jars and then into a container in 10 seconds.
  • The pikeman : The contestant must pass between 2 bars without bouncing any.
  • The Mamushka : They must lower a Russian doll without the tower falling.
  • Who? : The participant has to guess who is the character shown in a blurred photo.
  • Bus race : Each mother has to call her baby in a race where 4 babies compete to cross the finish line and win the prize.
  • The cactus : The contestant must slide a wooden stick covered with nails, between 2 rows of balloons.


Year country Festival Category Receptor Outcome
Chile's flag TV Grass Best Evening Program All or nothing Winner
Chile's flag Copihue de Oro Best Contest or Interview Program All or nothing Winner


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