A Tribute to Die Fantastischen Vier - A Tribute to Die Fantastischen Vier

A Tribute to Die Fantastischen Vier
Compilation album by various artists


7. August 2009

Label(s) Columbia Germany

Format (s)

2 CD



Title (number)



Andreas Läsker

A Tribute to Die Fantastischen Vier is a compilation on which artists from various genres cover successful songs by the Stuttgart hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier in their respective styles. The double CD with 36 titles was released on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Fantastischen Vier in August 2009.


The project was initiated by Andreas “Bär” Läsker , who has been the manager of Fantastischen Vier from the start. Läsker is also shown on the cover of the CD. A limited edition of the album also contained a DVD with pictures from photo shoots and a conversation between Andreas Läsker and Dieter Nuhr.

The album rose to fourth place in the German longplay charts and stayed in the charts for five weeks. [1]

Track list

CD 1

  1. Gunslinger - What's Up (Version 2009)
  2. Sebastian Krumbiegel - thick sweater
  3. Roger Cicero - Born
  4. In ExtremoYeah Yeah Yeah
  5. 7 Faces - Summer Rain
  6. Massive tones - picnickers
  7. Mommy's Gun - That one!?!
  8. Xavier NaidooKrieger
  9. The Rattles feat. Gary Krosnoff – Ewig
  10. KnorkatorG. Boren
  11. Thomas Godoj - Fleeting
  12. FR - Le Smou
  13. Puhdys - MFG
  14. ScooterTroy
  15. Big city whispers - speaking out loud, saying nothing
  16. Pohlmann and “Les Sauvignons” - what remains
  17. Wrong colors - give more
  18. Yeti GirlsYeah Yeah Yeah

CD 2

  1. Mario Barth - thick sweater
  2. July - He has to get out
  3. Gods of Blitz - Like the others
  4. Peter Maffay - made a warrior overnight
  5. Sasha - That one!?!
  6. Uncle rock 'n roll - she's gone
  7. Oomph! - Harvest what we sow
  8. Christina Lux - What remains
  9. KarpatenhundParanoia Blues (Schizophren)
  10. Spezializtz - 4 wins
  11. Pure - MFG
  12. Thomas Anders - Born
  13. ExtrabreitKrieger (Version 2009)
  14. Max Mutzke - After the rain
  15. Fools Garden - reap what we sow
  16. Carat - Summer rain
  17. Clueso - hope
  18. Dieter Nuhr - Buenos Dias Messiah


The album was controversial. Some have criticized the selection of artists involved, most of whom have no recognizable relationship to German hip-hop. If there is no connection to hip-hop, the artists could have dared to do a rap cover, they demand. [2] [3] Others rate this compilation as an interesting cross-section through the German music genres. Even if the album makes die-hard fans of the Fantastischen Vier flinch, the different genres have not resulted in plagiarism, but entirely new creations. [4]

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