A Tribute to the Black Emperors - A Tribute to the Black Emperors

A Tribute to the Black Emperors
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Label(s) Land of the Rising Sun Records

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Death Metal, Black Metal

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A Tribute to the Black Emperors is a split - Bootleg Scandinavian Metal -Bands Morbid and Mayhem . It was released by Land of the Rising Sun Records in 1994.

Track list

  1. Morbid – My Dark Subconscious
  2. Morbid – Wings of Funeral
  3. Morbid – From the Dark
  4. Morbid – Disgusting Semla
  5. Mayhem – The Freezing Moon
  6. Mayhem – Necrolust
  7. Mayhem – Funeral Fog
  8. Mayhem – Carnage

The songs of Morbid are all from the demo recording December Moon . The Freezing Moon and Carnage are studio recordings from 1990 that also appeared on Projections of a Stained Mind . Necrolust comes from the Deathcrush EP with Dead's predecessor Maniac , Funeral Fog is a recording from the performance in the Eiskeller in Leipzig, which can also be heard on the release Live in Leipzig .


The cover shows Mayhem's guitarist Euronymous , who was murdered in 1993, and Dead , who sang first with Morbid and then with Mayhem and shot himself in 1991. On the back of the LP you can find the history of the bands up to Euronymous' murder and the end of the band Mayhem in their original form.


Frank Stöver described A Tribute to the Black Emperors in Voices from the Darkside as recommendable and a successful bootleg that contained Morbids December Moon in almost perfect quality. The reason for this release is pretty obvious: to enrich oneself with Mayhem's popularity and to dedicate the record to two of the most influential people in Black Metal . The publication, in his opinion, would have been even more interesting if it had appeared a few years earlier. [1]

Individual evidence

  1. Frank Stöver: M O R B I D / M A Y H E M. A tribute to the black emperors. In: Voices from the Darkside, Nr. 6, S. 60.