To see if you dare - A ver si te atreves

Let's see if you dare, it was a radio program that was broadcast on Onda Cero , until August 2008, from Monday to Friday, from 1:30 to 4:00 in the morning. His direction ran until spring 2008 by Luján Argüelles , and after his departure by Javier Peña.

It began its broadcast in 2004, on Friday and Saturday nights, and was the highlight of the early mornings of Onda Cero. Many listeners did not agree with the change, since before it was Let's see if you dare at this time there was La rosa de los vientos .

The collaborators of the program were Rafael Fernández , José Antonio Vera and María Díaz , who put their point of view on various issues, far removed as possible from the usual political battles.

The show also had interviews with today's leading men.

During the summer season, this program had been presented by Chema García and Óscar Gómez and carried out by Alex Hurtado and is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 01:00 to 04:00, but in the summer of 2007 the hosts were Javier Peña as presenter and Rafa Fernández in star quality. The following year, it continues to be presented in the summer season by Javier Peña, with the collaboration of Rafa Fernández , Justo García and María Díaz , the latter in mid- August leaves the program to collaborate in the Cadena Ser ' A vive program it's two days'. Among the sections are 'the parties' where they 'connect' with a town or city that is celebrating, within this section there is a mini section in the form of Rafa Fernández's humor , where he asks people what is important to tell of the festivities in your city or town where you can remove one of the 'hotties'.

Gemma Ruiz is in charge of asking 'the impertinent question' and giving the most surprising and strange news at the same time, the song that is heard in the background in her section is Hole in one by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra . It also has a videogames and internet section presented by Raúl Espínola , the section where the meaning of dreams is revealed, presented by Estefanía Gallego , the section 'world music', 'plagiarism' and 'special disc' presented by Beatriz Tabarés . Another of the sections that I like the most, and that began in the summer of 2007 is 'Marinita's life'. Jaime Novo ,, began in the summer of 2007 telling the daily things of a new father, and the curious things of newborns, is the case of his daughter Marina, already known by those of Let's see if you dare.

The last minutes of the Friday program was 'exclusive' for the poetess of the program María Luisa, where she related some beautiful poems. The summer of 2008 this program will be, among other things, remembered for the songs that are used as curtains, which EVERY day, listeners would ask for the names of the songs , until it reached a certain point where several listeners and also collaborators of the program joked asking the name of several songs.

The songs that were heard in the program are: what could be said 'official tune' of the program "Go go" by Hanna Pakarinen , the beginning of the second hour, " Boten Anna " by Basshunter , the third hour, "She is là "by Kate Ryan , the party connection tune," Welcome to the party "by Anna Vissi .

On August 28, the live broadcast of 'Let's see if you dare' begins as always, at 1:30 in the morning, but that day, the program has something special, the studio table of 'Let's see if you Dare 'is filled with friends, friends like, Asun Salvador, Gemma Ruiz, María Diaz, Justo García, Aitor Alonso, María Luisa, Estefanía Gallego, Beatriz Tavarés and various listeners, who attend the Onda Cero studio to see the last one live broadcast of the program Listeners call and send emails thanking them for those unforgettable years of company, showing their rejection of the decision to cancel the show, etc. And the time came, at around 10:10 in the morning, Javier Peña says goodbye to 'Let's see if you dare' forever.

The program ends its broadcast on August 29, 2008 after the decision of the management of Onda Cero . The program is now replaced by ' La parroquia del Monaguillo ', presented by Sergio Fernández ' el Monaguillo ', who was co-host of ' No son horas ' also on Onda Cero