A. Victor Segno - A. Victor Segno

A. Victor Segno (* 1870 ) was an American mentalist who was internationally known in the early 20th century.


Segno appeared as a mentalist around 1900 and pretended to be able to read hand lines and send out brain waves. His brain waves should help the recipients to succeed, which earned him numerous followers worldwide. In return for a monthly fee of US $ 1, Segno agreed to use his skills remotely. He founded the Segno Success Club to conduct his business . As early as 1903 he received 12,000 letters a month. Later there was even an investigation against him because he received the most correspondence to a private address in California , up to 7,000 letters a day. In 1904 he had enough money to live at Echo Park in Los AngelesTo have a representative property built, which he called Inspiration Point . He published numerous writings, in addition to the Segnogram newsletter and the widely published work The Law of Mentalism (dt. The Law of Mentalism ) also advice on how to live happily in marriage, how to be 100 years old or how to have a full head of hair receives.

He was married to Annie Dell Segno. In 1911 he left Los Angeles and pretended to want to open another mentalistic institute in Russia , but actually only ran away with his also married secretary Irene Weitzel. In the following years he was in Berlin , where he again offered the services of his Success Club . Around 1915 he returned to Los Angeles. However, his popularity waned, so that he had to give up his property at Echo Park . He is also believed to have divorced because his ex-wife married Harry T. Robinson, a member of a band of robbers, in 1923. After 1930 all his traces are lost.

His property at Echo Park was demolished for the construction of the Lago Vista building complex, which was built in 1974 , only a small dome structure has been preserved in the current development.


  • The Law of Mentalism (also translated into various languages) (1902) [1]
  • How to Live 100 Years (1903)[1]
  • How to Be Happy Tho’ Married
  • How to have beautiful hair
  • Personal Magnetism
  • Life in the Great Beyond (1911)[1]
  • The secreto of Memory (1906)[1]


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