A Vineyard Valentine - A Vineyard Valentine

«A Vineyard Valentine»
Episodio de Gilmore Girls
Episode No. Season 6
Episode 15
Directed by Daniel Palladino
Written by Daniel Palladino
Issue February 14 , 2006
Guest star (s)

Aris Alvarado (Caesar)
Devon Michaels (Bill)
Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger)

«You've been Gilmored» «A Vineyard Valentine» «Bridesmaids revisited»

A Vineyard Valentine is the 124th episode of the North American television series Gilmore Girls .

Episode Summary

Lorelai is surprised when the members of the orchestra that was going to play at her wedding appear at the Dragonfly, as they were not aware of this being postponed.

Logan proposes to Rory to spend Valentine's Day at her parents' house on Martha's Vineyard, and she agrees. In addition, Logan tells him that if he wishes he can invite his mother and Luke, and they do so. In this way, the two Gilmore girls and their respective boyfriends spend the whole weekend in Martha's Vineyard, however things are not going very well, because Luke has a very cold attitude towards Logan, something that Lorelai has not stopped notice. Although when he realizes that he has not bought Lorelai a gift for Valentine's Day, Luke changes his attitude when Logan gives him one of the gifts that he had for Rory and that will now be for Lorelai. When Lorelai tells Luke that she fears that the wedding will not take place, he assures that they will marry.

Logan's father, Mitchum, suddenly appears at the house and tells his son that he must have gone to a reunion that weekend, and that it will happen after graduating from London for a year.

Lorelai receives several calls in which they give her their best wishes for her engagement, as the date appeared with her photo in the newspaper.


  • Lorelai tells Rory that the last time she saw her wearing an apron was when she saw "The Sound of Music", however the last time was in season 1, when she cooked for Dean (in the episode That Damn Donna Reed ) .
  • Rory tells Lorelai that the dining room seats 20 people, however it is seen that it only seats 10.