The Voice of Angola - A Voz de Angola

A Voz de Angola or La Voz de Angola is an Angolan talent show that premiered on October 11, 2015. [ 4 ] The show is based on the successful Dutch format The Voice created by television producer John de Mol . [ 5 ]

The program aired weekly on Sundays at 7 pm on Jango Luxo, channel 512 of DStv, Africa's largest satellite television provider.

Mariedne Feliciano, whose coach was Yola Semedo, was the winner of the first season of La Voz de Angola presented by Dinamene Cruz. The competition in the final was between L'Vincy, Rafael Sampaio and Cirius.


The Voice consists of choosing from among a group of contestants of different ages, those who stand out for their vocal qualities, without their image influencing the decision of the jury, made up of well-known artists who later direct their artistic training. The objective of this format is to find the best voted voice in the country, that is, in Albania. However, and in the same way, people from different parts of the world can participate.

There are 6 stages during the competition:


The first stage of the talent show is not broadcast. Producers audition all artists who signed up through the website. Those selected go to the stage of blind auditions where they must sing for the coaches.

Blind auditions

The second phase is the "Blind Auditions". Here the coaches form their teams, which will train and guide throughout the competition. The judges' chairs are facing backwards and facing the public during the performance of each applicant; Those interested in an artist, press the button that is located on the chair, with which they rotate , facing the artist, at the same time that the lower part of it lights up, where the legend "I want your voice". After the presentation is over, the artist directly enters the team of the coach who was interested, or in case more than one coach has been interested, he decides which team he will join through the arguments or criteria that each of them offers to guide you based on your musical benefit of the season.

The battles

In the Battles, each coach groups the members of his team in pairs, so that they face each other in a ring and sing the same song, thus showing their best vocal and artistic skills. At the end of each presentation, only one of them advances to the next round. In each season, each coach receives the help of invited mentors, who help them to advise their participants to show off and perform well, contributing their point of view to make the best decision in the team.


During this round, a couple of artists from the same team are selected to perform at the same time. Each artist has the possibility to choose their own song, and they also receive the help and advice of their trainers and a special guest. At the end of both presentations, each coach selects one of them to advance to the next round. However, at this stage each coach receives the opportunity to "Steal" , 2 in total, which allows them to save and incorporate contestants eliminated by other coaches during this round into their teams.

The Playoffs

In the Playoffs, participants perform individually in team rounds to show their talents once again; and where each coach must save 2 participants (of the 8 in total), while the others will go to vote by phone, SMS and / or by digital platform, so that the public in this way saves 2 more. In this dynamic, the coach is left with 4 participants.

Live shows

In this phase, each participant performs individually and 100% live to the public, performing a consecutive musical performance in order to obtain the highest number of votes from the audience. Also, in the semifinal and grand finale, not only will solo songs be performed, but each finalist will perform a duet with their coach. The final word and decision will be up to the public, who will consecrate one of the four finalists as The Voice of Albania.

Presenters and Jury


Presenter 1
Angola flag Dynames Cruz


Presenter 1
Angola flag Weza Solange


Season Coaches
1 Angola flag Paulo Flores Angola flag Dji Tafinha Angola flag Yola Semedo Angola flagC4 Pedro (replaced)
Angola flag Walter Ananás

Advisors / Co-coaches

Season Advisors / Co-coaches

Team Paulo

Angola flag Serpiao Tomás (Toto)

Team Tafinha

Team Yola

Angola flag Ana Semedo

Team Walter


  • Team Paulo
  • Tafinha team
  • Yola Team
  • Walter team
Season Premiere Final Winner Second place Third place Other finalists Winning coach Presenter Backstage Trainers
1 2 3 4
1 October 11, 2015 January 31, 2016 Mariedne Feliciano Cyrie L’Vincy Rafael Sampaio Yola Semedo Dynames Cruz Weza Solange Paulo On the road Walter Tafinha


Season 1 (2015 - 2016)

The first season premiered on October 21, 2011 and ended on February 10, 2012, the winner being Rina Bilurdagu from the Alma team.

Classification Artists Song Outcome
1 Mariedne Feliciano Show me Love Winner
2 Evandro Almerindo "Cyrius" The wind Second place
3 Leandro “L’Vincy” Vicente Umbi Umbi Third place
4 Rafael Sampaio Dear mother Fourth place


- Winner / Contestant Judge. The winner is in bold.
- Second Place Judge / Contestant. Finalist appears first on the list.
- Third Place Judge / Contestant. Finalist appears first on the list.
- Judge in Fourth Place. Finalist appears first on the list.
Season Trainers
1 Paulo Tafinha On the road Walter
  • Rafael Sampaio
  • Manuel Borges
  • Yuritze Romero
  • Ema Silva
  • Luis Sebastião
  • Arine Amini
  • Julião Alberto
  • Horácio Myopia
  • Filomena Carvalho
  • Rafael da Costa
  • Nayela Simões
  • Juliet Ambriz
  • Evandro Almerindo "Cyrius"
  • Carlos Faithful
  • Nuria Filipe Gime
  • Hope Quizango
  • Laricia Cange
  • Jâmece Moon
  • Eliseu Paca
  • Arnaldo “Shane” Maquemba
  • Leonilde Teixeira
  • Paulina Amelia
  • Wilton dos Santos
  • Jenoveva “Neusa” Kayumbuca
  • Mariedne Silva
  • Isimira Sampaio
  • Teresa Kiala
  • Avelino Kussamo
  • Winny war
  • Indira Marisa
  • Ana Jorge
  • Valércia “Nzonlani” Silva
  • Araújo de Carvalho
  • Ricardo Pina
  • Deborah “Damia” Gameiro
  • Alfredo Yungi
  • Leandro “L’Vincy” Vicente
  • Helena Aires
  • Valdemar Ngombo
  • Ema Pimentel
  • Paulo Silva
  • Salima Ndangi
  • Name Mingas
  • Lovely Tyindjele
  • Celso gaspar
  • Linford Gaspar
  • Carla “Djamila” Teixeira
  • Coxe of the World

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