A. Wattendorff - A. Wattendorff

A. Wattendorff

legal form GmbH
founding 1825
resolution 1988
Reason for dissolution contest
Seat Borghorst , Anton-Wattendorf-Strasse
management Wattendorf family
Branch Linen weaving

A. Wattendorff was a German textile company in Borghorst .


The "A. Wattendorff" Borghorst weaving mill (around 1880)
Inside the weaving room, (1875)

In 1824/25 the linen weavers Anton Wattendorff (1776-1859) and his wife Anna Maria, geb. Greive (1780–1850) in Borghorst on the corner of Münsterstraße-Meerstraße opened the weaving shop and trading post “A. Wattendorff ”, in order to be able to participate in the upswing that was made possible by the import and processing of English cotton over the years. The business was gradually expanded to include a fleet of vehicles. The goods were mainly exported to the Netherlands .

The couple had five children, of whom the fourth, Joseph Wattendorff (1818-1884), worked in their parents' company after finishing school. In 1849 Joseph married Elise Kock (1828-1894), the younger sister of the Borghorst textile entrepreneur Arnold Kock , who a year later married Joseph's sister Elise Wattendorff (1822-1890), so that the Kock and Wattendorff families were doubly linked by marriage.

In 1857 the Wattendorff and Kock families became partners in the newly founded Borghorster company "Rabe, Brader and Co.", which was involved in the manufacture of sized yarn.

In 1859 Anton Wattendorf died and Joseph took over the management of the company “A. Wattendorff ". He left the company "Rabe, Brader and Co." in 1861 and founded the " Borghorster Warps-Spinnerei Kock und Comp. " With his former brother-in-law Arnold Kock , his brother Franz and their aunt Elisabeth Messing . "

In 1865 Joseph took part in the founding of the “A. Kock, Frieling and Wattendorff ”in Nordkirchen .

In 1875 Borghorst was connected to the Münster-Gronau railway line and a train station was built. At the same time, Joseph expanded the company “A. Wattendorff ”in Borghorst through the construction of a mechanical nettle and linen weaving mill with 50 looms near the train station in the hallway Auf dem Pottkamp (today: Anton-Wattendorf-Straße). The company was continuously expanded. 74 looms were running in 1876, 125 in 1878 and 188 in 1880. In 1880, A. Wattendorff products were awarded prizes in Düsseldorf.

After the death of Joseph Wattendorff in 1884, his three sons Franz, Anton and Joseph founded the company as a GmbH under the company "A. Wattendorff ”continued. In 1906 they also founded the warp yarn and weft yarn spinning company “Nordwalder Cotton Spinning Gebrüder Wattendorff GmbH & Co. KG” in Nordwalde . The company was also expanded to include a lawn bleaching facility.

In 1910 the company's workforce had grown to 355 people. 558 looms were running.

In the twenties, the group of companies made linen , cotton linen , home cloth, blue cloth, kitchen towels, towels , sheets , pillowcases , tablecloths , napkins , colored coffee blankets, draperies , clothes lines, hunting linen and rough goods ago. [1]

In 1988 A. Wattendorff GmbH went bankrupt. The Nordwalder cotton spinning mill existed until December 31, 2006.


  • The Anton Watts Village Street in Borghorst was named after him.


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