Aa (Avisar a) - Aa (Avisar a)

Aa (Notify to) is the abbreviation chosen in Spanish that refers to the recommendation to incorporate these letters as a contact entry in the mobile phone's phonebook , so that in the event of an accident the telephone number of the person indicated in said record is notified .

You must enter "Aa nombre ", where name corresponds to the name of the person chosen to contact in case the owner of the phone has an accident, is unconscious or is involved in an emergency situation. So that number will always appear first in the agenda

If you want to add more people to notify in these situations, the Red Cross and the Ministry of the Interior of Spain advise that they be added to the contact list as follows: "Aa1 nombre1 ", "Aa2 nombre2 ", "Aa3 name3 ", etc. It is recommended to enter these entries on all mobile phones, especially those of elderly relatives or people with health problems.

With the advent of smartphones, it is not always possible to access these contacts, since phones are often locked with passwords. To avoid this, they must be added in emergency information. [ 1 ]

Aa outreach campaign

The initiative to use "Aa (Alert a)" was proposed in Spain in July 2009, jointly by the Red Cross and the Spanish Ministry of the Interior , [ 2 ] in order to facilitate services that attend to a person who suffers an emergency, the easy location of family members or friends, who in this way can quickly go to the place where the affected person is or give instructions on important aspects of the victim, such as allergies, possible illness or medication special you may be taking.

The campaign to promote the use of this practice is based on the following messages:

Who do you want the emergency services or security forces to notify if something happens to you?
Put Aa (Notify to) in your mobile phone book followed by the name of the person you want to be notified.

As it is supported by the Administration and the Red Cross , it is expected that the institutional campaign for its dissemination will have a good acceptance and that the majority will put it into practice.

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