Aa! Megami-sama (OVA) - Aa! Megami-sama (OVA)

During the years 1993 and 1994, the OVA series Ah! My Goddess (あ あ っ 女神 さ ま っAa! Megami-sama ? ) Was produced by AIC , featuring the central characters from Kosuke Fujishima's manga . It was distributed by Pony Canyon in Japan and in Spain by Jonu Media .

The story begins differently from the original manga and the plot is a general summary of the stories up to that point except for the fourth and fifth episodes that feature an original ending created specifically for these OVAs. In Latin America , Spain and Portugal , the series of OVAs was broadcast by the defunct pay channel Locomotion , with dubbing in Spanish and Portuguese. The name given in the Spanish dubbing for Latin America was Mi Diosa , although Locomotion transmitted it with the name Oh! My Goddess .

Tanto el tema de inicio, not dare My Heart, want to make sure Your Heart ( My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai ? ) , Como El Ending, "¡Felicidades!" ( Cong La Ju Rei Schons! Kongurachureishonzu! ? ) , Son Cantadas Por La Goddess Family Club (grupo musical formado principalmente por los seiyus de la serie y Kosuke Fujishima ).

List of episodes

THIS Title Premiere
01 "
Moonlight and cherry blossoms" "Moonlight and cherry blossons"
February 21, 1993
The story begins when Keiichi Morisato , as a result of his bad luck, begins to have problems. At that moment, Keiichi is hungry, so he calls a food delivery service. Seeing that no one answers him, he begins to despair and dial random numbers, and in one of them he is attended by "The Goddesses Help Line", in turn telling him that he will be attended immediately by a goddess. He apologizes claiming that he had the wrong number, and that is where Belldandy appears, who introduces himself, and tells Keiichi, that he will grant him only one wish. Keiichi doesn't think this is possible, so he says arbitrarily, and asks that "A girl like her be by his side forever." Then Belldandy, transmits the desire through her powers; He then tells Keiichi that his wish has been legally sealed, and warned Keiichi that they could not be separated by, or else the Supreme Force would act against it. Unfortunately, the superiors arrive ( Senpais) of the Keiichi Motorcycle Club, and upon seeing him with Belldandy, they expelled him from the residence according to their rules established by them. Having nowhere to live, Keiichi and Belldandy go on their motorcycle in search of a home, and Belldandy says where she can find a good one; When they go towards it, Keiichi is surprised in a curve, by a car that was about to crash him, and it is when Belldandy intervenes with her powers to save him, as the use of power was so unexpected, Belldandy falls fainted on Keiichi's motorcycle . Upon arriving at a Keiichi Temple, he supposes that this is the home that Belldandy was talking about. He goes in, puts Belldandy on the floor, and waits for her to recover, but Keiichi happens to feel bad and falls unconscious. Upon awakening Belldandy, she realizes that Keiichi has a fever, and again, she uses her power to ease him, and finally let him rest. Belldandy casts a type of spell that makes the temple renew, and it remains as a home fit for a goddess. When Keiichi wakes up, his superiors arrive, congratulating him on the new home, and throw a party. Keiichi goes out to get some fresh air, and because of the contract, Belldandy arrives where he is, and asks Keiichi to let her be with him. Finally Keiichi hugs her and she leans on his chest. Belldandy arrives where he is, and asks Keiichi to let her be with him. Finally Keiichi hugs her and she leans on his chest. Belldandy arrives where he is, and asks Keiichi to let her be with him. Finally Keiichi hugs her and she leans on his chest.
02 "I Dream on a
Midsummer Night " "Midsummer Night's Dream"
May 21, 1993
Five months have passed since Keiichi and Belldandy began living together, but their relationship has not progressed. As summer approaches, Keiichi (with help from Megumi) decides to take Belldandy to the beach. While Belldandy and Megumi are shopping, Keiichi decides to watch a movie that mysteriously arrived in an envelope. To Keiichi's surprise, Urd, Belldandy's sister, comes off television. They arrive at the beach and Urd reveals to Keiichi that he has secretly observed them the entire time to help reunite the couple. However, Keiichi nearly drowns after a boating accident and a love potion from Urd causes Keiichi to fall in love with Sayoko Mishima by mistake. Urd's presence is revealed to Belldandy when she acknowledges Urd's intervention in events, and a kiss from Belldandy brings Keiichi back to his senses. Urd's journey to earth caused trouble in heaven. As punishment, she is forced to stay on land. So she moves in with Keiichi and Belldandy.
03 "
Burning Hearts on the Road" "Burning Hearts on the Road"
September 21, 1993
Skuld , Belldandy's other sister, is overworked hunting bugs in the sky. A bored Urd continues to sneak into everyone's life on earth by accidentally blowing up a cake that Belldandy is making and an engine that Keiichi is repairing. Lonely and overworked, Skuld comes to earth and tries to convince Belldandy to return to her. Keiichi is working hard to build a bike for an upcoming drag race . With the help of Skuld, they complete the bike despite the difficulties posed by Toraichi Tamiya and Otaki Hikozaemon, leaders of the Automobile Club. On race day, Toshiyuki Aoshima, leader of a rival club, reveals that Belldandy is the prize of the race - the winning club will have her as a member. Skuld, hoping that Belldandy will leave Keiichi to return to her, modifies the rival club's motorcycle so that Keiichi cannot win. In the final race, Keiichi wins after taking the flag when the rival motorcycle's engine fails.
04 «
Evergreen holy night» «Evergreen holy night»
December 28, 1993
Keiichi has a nightmare about Belldandy. He awakens to discover that the ground inside the temple is covered in snow; However, outside it is free of snow. Skuld identifies the problem as a bug and creates a bug-catching machine, with the setting everything returns to normal. He points out that mistakes are formed when Belldandy and Keiichi are too close. The Almighty notifies Belldandy that she must return in three days. When the couple travel to school, they do so separately, sparking rumors that they have broken up. As soon as Belldandy tries to get close to Keiichi, explosions are catalyzed causing chaos and Belldandy flees. Megumi suggests that Keiichi buy a ring for Belldandy, and so she gets part-time jobs to earn money to pay for one.
05 "For the love of a Goddess"
"For the Love of Goddess"
May 17, 1994
Keiichi, unable to meet Belldandy directly, calls her to apologize and continues working. Despite Urd and Skuld's best efforts, they can't find a way to eliminate the mistakes created when Belldandy and Keiichi are too close. They resort to a maximum circle of magic, a forbidden magic, as a solution. Keiichi finally earns enough to buy the ring. The sisters complete the preparations for the magic maximum circle. While Belldandy, crying, removes all traces of her in the temple and begins to head towards the door. Keiichi arrives when she is leaving and Urd casts his spell, closing the portal. Keiichi and the goddesses are knocked back by the ensuing explosion and Belldandy enters Keiichi's consciousness to save him. Keiichi's memories begin to return and she realizes that Belldandy made a forbidden promise, forcing her to seal all of Keiichi's memories. When he finally wakes up, the Almighty overrules Belldandy's order to return and Keiichi gives him the engagement ring.


In general, it had a good reception from the public but also negative criticism, especially for the interpretation of Belldandy that was considered as a negative stereotype of a woman [ 1 ] or as traditionalist propaganda to reinforce Japanese culture based on the first chapter of the OVAs [ 2 ] However, taking into account the enormous lack of knowledge in Spain about Japanese culture in general, and more so in 1993, it is very possible that this assessment is nothing more than a later interpretation.

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